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Found 3 results

  1. HR2019

    Export OpenVDB

    Hello everyone, for example, if I export smoke from X-Particles as OpenVDB and then import it again, neither the orientation nor the position is correct. Is there a trick? Apparently either mirrored export or import. In the picture on the left you see the original X-Particles simulation on the right side the XP simulation is exported as Open VDB and then imported with Redshift Volume. The import seems mirrored.
  2. Hello, So straight to the point. I’m Caching out an openvdb sequence from explosia. Issue is when I increase the voxel to something like three, the cache works effectively by caching out all required frames from the timeline. When I decrease the voxels 1 and render out , it takes quite sometime (obviously) but on completion I tend to have some frames not in the cache folder. Eg. I get 171 frames out of 240. The most interesting bit is, the folder stops updating cached frames but the caching continues in C4d. On completion the log says I’ve cached our 240 frames but that doesn’t correspond to cached 171 files. Makes me wonder if the cache folder changes to another folder mid cache or what? On a deadline will appreciate some feedback. thanks.
  3. Hey guys, got a question about using the mesh deformer on an obeject referring to an OpenVDB mesher. This doesn't work because it isn't a polygonal object ofcourse. I tried exporting it to an alembic file but also the alembic file when imported is not a polygonal obect. Doing this workaround doesn't work either; it breaks my mesh: https://vimeo.com/78684377 Does anyone know another way to get this working? How do I convert an OpenVDB mesh to a polygonal object with it's point animation intact? I want to deform an object based on the deformation of my meshed X-particle sim, download the setup here: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/ed5647fb98a258f61b58e1b0e5c21a6920191106164040/29946b041030782bb8b5ec577a0b454720191106164040/a40a0b