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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everybody, I was wondering which steps are necessary to create foam on moving liquid, like that of the sea or river. Could anybody walk me through? Thanks!
  2. Hello amazing people! Can anyone help us work out how best to tackle recreating this marble/liquid effect? We've been playing with displacement maps and getting some okay results but because we're using geometry we're a little limited by how complex we can make the swirls. Also we haven't found the perfect mix of displacement. So now we're thinking down the lines of XP to make it. For the animation / motion of the image we've been given this awesome BBC 2 ident as a reference: https://youtu.be/szX9L8J6CC8?t=505 Any thoughts & help much appreciated! Cheers, Tom
  3. Hi there, I'm working on a simulation like the one attached. I'm having issues about how to start a fluid simulation with a static fluid look, and how to achieve the bounciness of the fluid and its viscosity. Any tips out there? Is there a way to achieve it all with just one simulation? I mean, i know there are a several tutorials about the crown splash look, but in those cases there's no drop or nothing colliding, just a splash "fake it" somehow. Thank you all in advance. Cheers! IMG_7199.mp4
  4. ## This is the result I wish to achieve in XP4 I got 2 issues and I hope to get some advice. ## 1st Issue is on the xpDrag. I manage to create something similar but How can I slow down the trail and let it float peacefully in this state? I have a BEFORE & AFTER attached. I used an xpDrag, but the trails look like there are falling apart...when the value hit 0% to 500% ## 2nd issue is the xpOVDBMesher and emitter speed. When my emitter flow through the spline, the front volume are very thick! I'm not sure if is just the Mesher problem or does the particles at the front are too dense. Any idea how to have it thinner? my emitter is following(referencing) the xpExplosia flow, where the smoke always have a thicker smoke at the front. Should i have done differently with the set up ? Thanks in advance for those who reply 🙂