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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all! Im creating a fairly simple setup with flowers blossoming on a surface. I have an animated object set as source for the generator and when set to straight clone the animation works as expected, each paticles animation starts on particle birth. This,however, gets pretty heavy after just a few particles. It would be nice to generate instances but this results in animation starting on frame zero for all generated particles. Is there a workaround for this? (c4d r19, xparticles 4 build 728) Project example included flowers.c4d
  2. Hi All. Experimental question. Is it possible to trigger Audio from an emitter when particles are born? or when they die? or perhaps in an action? Thank you!
  3. Hey all, First post, thanks in advance any help comes my way :) I made an object with splines and sweep nurbs but when I try an generate it as a particle the animation is different. It pops on way larger than intended and shrinks back down to manageable size but then any easing animation I have in the object seems to not be coming through. Wondering if this is a limitation of what xparticles allows as a generated object, or is there a button im not checking somewhere? How its laid out: I have animated an object with a series of rectangles and sweep objects in c4d. Essentially its a series of squares that radiate out like a rain drop hitting water see attached video. - I have a rectangle spline controlling the size of the square and another controlling the thickness of the sweep around it. Both of these Rectangles are also controlling the animation. - The sweeps are duplicated 4 times and then I offset the animation on each square to get the ripple effect. - All the sweep objects have been parented under a null. - I put the null and children in the generator object - The Xparticles object emitter is a cube with no forces I just want the particle birth to generate the object and then die Thanks baseanimation.mp4 baseanimation_inXPgenerator.mp4 RainRipples_v004.c4d