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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I have a question around the attached the scene. I'm trying to simulate a grease like substance on the end of a pipe that spreads out when another pipe is animated along it. Granted it's just the bare particles at the moment . Tried playing with the collider tag with not much joy and same with the motion modifiers too. Any help is greatly appreciated! Cheers - C X_particles Grease test.c4d
  2. Hi Whenever I hit render the dynamic object won't move. The fluid hits the object in the preview window and everything works fine! As soon as I render the object stays still. I've cached but that doesn't work also. Any ideas? Thanks! Correct.mp4 Rendered.mp4
  3. Hi everyone I'm pleased to announce the release of my brand new training course 'XPFluids Volume 1'. Create beautiful & fun viscous fluid simulations using X-Particles in Cinema 4D. The Training contains over 9 hrs of content plus Bonus scene files. This tutorial will look extensively at creating small to medium scaled Liquid Simulation using X-Particles within Cinema 4D. Techniques will include pouring, sticking and colour mixing for creating viscous liquid effects used for such effects as paint, gels, slime, goo, saliva and chocolate to name but a few. If you are interested and want more information please visit the Vimeo On Demand page: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/xpfluidsvol1 Many thanks Justin
  4. Shin-Kaiser

    Fluid PDB vs Fluid FX vs FLIP Domain

    I need to create an animation of an object falling into a body of wate rand I'm confused as to what is the best method in X-Particles to achieve this effect. The manual states the difference between Fluid PDB and Fluid VX, but what about the FLIP domain? when and why would someone want to use it and what advantages/disadvantages does it have over the other techniques? Many thanks!
  5. Hi, Would it be possible to achieve something like the first and the last shots of this Ad by Tendril in XP? I suppose this was done in Houdini but I might be wrong. If it's possible how would you approach it https://tendril.ca/work/vizio-px/ I've been trying for a while now but I'm not experienced enough in XP. Tks
  6. Hi there, I'm working on a simulation like the one attached. I'm having issues about how to start a fluid simulation with a static fluid look, and how to achieve the bounciness of the fluid and its viscosity. Any tips out there? Is there a way to achieve it all with just one simulation? I mean, i know there are a several tutorials about the crown splash look, but in those cases there's no drop or nothing colliding, just a splash "fake it" somehow. Thank you all in advance. Cheers! IMG_7199.mp4
  7. Craig Zuckerman

    mixing fluids help please

    Hi, I apologize, but I had seen either on this site, or perhaps YouTube, Mike did a nice tutorial on mixing fluids, as in, if one fluid is red, the other yellow, the result is an "orange" color . Can someone please help me with this,? thank you, Craig