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Found 6 results

  1. Hola Everyone! So, i got this project and I've been stuck with this issue. Hope someone can help me, I attach the Instagram link from Ditroit Studio in Milan, one of the great motion commercial studio out there. Basically the sim that I wanted to create is a sauce/glue like sticky fluid, and something like a pipe will wipe it off, so the will create a concave on the mesh and also on the surface. Basically my client want the simulation to look exactly like this. Ditroit Studio Molesses They used Houdini for this. but I believe XP can do it! Thank you so much! xmport.
  2. Francisco

    FluidFX is not filling my glass

    Hello all, I'm trying to use FluidFX to simulate a glass of beer being filled to the top. But the particles gather and stop at some point and won't fill the glass. This is a very awkward result because the liquid keeps flowing but it doesn't fill up from a certain hight. I'm attatching a example of what I'm doing (with the same results). Any advice? or workaround? Thank you test fluidfx.c4d
  3. 70026F18-8A97-4513-8098-02B4BF8A2D3B.mp4 Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’ve been trying to get something of a blood trickling. But it’s not perfect yet. Im Not sure if I’m going about it the right way. But I’m slowly getting there. In this case I want the blood trickling up. Not a lot but like maybe one or two streams. Typically blood leaves a residue trail as well. Not sure how I’ll go about get that just yet. But check what I’ve done so far. It’s working off a follow surface with an infector and an openvdb. With some gravity to have it raise up. AA1FFD6F-2A20-4256-813B-E4373A33A47D.mp4 AA1FFD6F-2A20-4256-813B-E4373A33A47D.mp4
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone here can give me some tips and pointers regarding this scene I'm working on. I'm new to X-Particles / Cycles4d, so any advice will be greatly appreciated. I didn't intend to have a job so soon that uses X-Particles until I learned how to use it better, but a guy I've been doing freelance design work for the last several years asked if I could do a motion graphics animation for him. Some of the original drafts I did were a combo of C4d and After Effects. He then asked if I could take inspiration from a banner he saw on LinkedIn. I know the original one from this LinkedIn page is real beach video footage that has an alpha mask on it, but I think that XP would be a good fit for mimicing this, and will hopefully help me learn to use the system better. Here is the reference link to the idea that he likes. The banner I would do will possibly be on LinkedIn, but will mainly be for a FaceBook Banner Header. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:ugcPost:6550362860743200768/ I do have a basic scene set up. Cycles4d doesn't have to be used, but I do have that plugin as well. (attached) (for some reason, my two png files will not attach here, so those will be missing. Error -200 ?). - I made a quick height map for the beach displacement. This is mainly to make the fluid flow around more naturally and may end the end being dropped out to an alpha channel anyway. (won't attach) - This fluid doesn't necessarily have to be a natural realistic water color. This company has a lot of bright colors in their palette and they use a lot of gradients blending them together. (I'm attaching one of the multiple trade show booth designs I did for this client, to give a reference of the type of colors they use.) - Right now my simulation is really blobby and I don't know exactly how to sort it out to have more natural sheets of water and foam as they stretch on the beach before rolling back out. - I tried doing version that had casino chips for the particles, but it looked terrible (it's in the file). This company has a mobile app that's kind of like PayPal, but works directly with Las Vegas and Atlantic City Casinos for payouts. So I thought it might be good to include those somehow. If there is a way to scatter a smaller amount of chips in the fluid and have them wash up on the shore that would be interesting. This isn't a necessity, but I'd like to figure out how to do it to see how it looks. - The waves and foam looked better when I increased the turbulence, but then too much water washes on shore. If there's a way to increase that, but have less on shore, please share any tips. I know all the members here volunteer to help answer these questions, so I do appreciate anyone taking the time to give any advice they can. Thanks! Beach Simulation Test Cycles.c4d
  5. matthieu

    X-particles 4 Fluid Viscosity

    Hey Guys ! Hope someone can help me here on a x-particles 4 Simulation.. i have to render a cream effects so simulation with viscosity and stiffness, indeed near from toothpaste too. i finded this tutorial: https://vimeo.com/122409448#t=274s and i though to myself, wow damn ! this is exactly what i have to do !! problem is that the xp fluid solver has changed between x-particles 3 and 4, and with the news solvers of the fourth version, i failed to approach this kind of render... with the 2 fluid solver, i havent at all this render : i tried many ways, but if someone know, a tutorial, or have an idea to approach this render, its save me ! Tks
  6. Hello, I'm simply just trying to get fluid to fill up a cup. However the fluid isn't filling up, instead, it's going outside of the cup, building up there, and not filling up any higher. Any suggestions? Thank you,