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Found 9 results

  1. Is there a way to emit from all objects in a group? Currently it is only emitting from the first object int he group
  2. Hi, I am using a emitter and emitter spawn, in addition to the xpSpeed modifier. But xpSpeed only affects the main emitter, it doesn't affect the emitter spawn. This is so? Is there a method for spawn particles to affect the speed modifier? Greetings and thanks.
  3. Hi. I'm using xpPainter and xpSprite to draw little points of light in a dark landscape. I want to add other lights growing up using a second emitter and Trails. When the second emitter starts, the previous painted particles disappear both in the renderView and in the ViewPort, as you can see in the screen recording attached. I'm using Cinema 4d R21.026 and Redshift renderer v. 2.6.49 Please help!! I really can't understand why it is happening. Thank you. Here is the project file: xpPainter problem - screen recording.mp4
  4. JackBrownMotion

    Emit on Specific Frames

    Hi Everyone, First post on here, so please go easy on me! I'm trying to set up an emitter that emits its particles on specific, designated frames. I have an emitter set up as 'Pulse', but I cant get the offsets to behave properly. For example, I'd like to specify that my emitter emits on frames 5,12,25,100. Is there a way of doing this? Thanks
  5. Hello People from the Interweb, I need help: i am trying to emit from various animated Textures that will finally be applied to an Alembic Model of a walking Person. I want the Particles to FOLLOW the Animation of the texture. Right now particles are emitted on the first frame and then they stick to the Model. Ideas ? An example scene is attached. Alembic_texture_Emit_0001.c4d
  6. Hello, I'm running in a problem with the editing tab of the Emitter. When I select the points, and press delete, or delete through the system menus it doesn't delete the points. But it does create a key frame when I move the points. I'm following the introductory course "X-Particles 4 for Cinema 4D Essential Training" on Lynda, exploring some the features I missed over the years, and there Andy Needham does actacly the same and his points are deleted. I feel like I'm missing something really basic here, but can't figure it out, any ideas on what I'm missing here? deletePoints.c4d https://i.imgur.com/y25EqO8.gifv
  7. Hi, i am currently working on an animation where I have an emitter producing floating liquid. I have used an attractor so the liquid is drawn to the object although there seems to be a bit of a barrier around the object as it does not sit flush on the surface. Would anyone have any tips how to solve this? Thanks
  8. I am currently building a glue gun animation but the particles coming out of the emitter are seriously late. I tried increasing the speed but it messes everything up. Screen attached. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I've set up a spawn modifier and a second (spawn) emitter which I want to only spawn from the particles from the first (original) emitter. The original emitter moves circular, partially through a "xpkill" modifier which limits the particle emission. The spawn emitter continously spawns even if the original emitter doesn't emit any particles. In the xparticle help documentation there seems to be an emitter option "Emitter only spawns" which I can't find anywhere. Does somebody has a hint? Cheers vakuumaggregat 7.c4d