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Found 1 result

  1. unrealplus

    pinned points don't take cloth with it

    In the file move around the "xp not working" and the "c4d working" to see the difference. The cloth on the xp cloth does not say with the pinned geometry. The pinned points with the c4d cloth does correctly move the cloth with it when the pinned points are moved. From what I can tell it's a priorities issue as the cloth is not being calculated after the pinned points are deformed by any deformations. If the Bend deformers Strength is changed while playing it can be seen the pinned points of the xp cloth does not follow the bend from the Bend deformer. Instead the cloth stays in place without moving. I'd like to use xp cloth with a character, but with out it's pinned points following the deformation from a skin deformer it's impossible. xpcloth with joints.c4d