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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, First, I'm a Cycles 4D noob. So there's that. My basic problem is this - I have an ExplosiaFX sim that I'd like to render using the emitter's Display colors and am wondering if that's possible in Cycles. The scene contains 1 ExplosiaFX object with 2 emitters, each emitting a plume of smoke towards each other. Eventually, they collide and mix, and that's the point. • I need each plume to be a different color. • I cannot use 2 Explosia nodes because I need the plumes to interact/collide with each other, and it seems that having one ExplosiaFX node collide with another is impossible (unless you can show me a way?) • I've managed to accomplish this in the viewport by changing the display color of each emitter (I learned this in a tutorial online). It looks great in the viewport. (see pic below) • So, like I said, I need a way to actually render each plume as different colors. Is there any way that Cycles can accomplish this? Any advice on this specific issue, or how to accomplish this effect in general, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and stay safe! Pat
  2. When I render elements with an "object ID" for an object buffer, the object buffer has jagged edges. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you for your help.
  3. Particle FX - Premium Training by INSYDIUM is available now for £190 + VAT!  Particle FX - Premium Training includes six chapters of industry-relevant scenes and techniques for Motion Graphics, VFX and Product Visualisation. Each Chapter comes with downloadable scene files so that you can dive straight in. Jon Bosley, INSYDIUM’s resident Particle Master, guides you through more than 16 hours of pure X-Particles Training. Plus, you'll get 10 hours of additional free training, covering rendering & compositing. Find out more: https://insydium.ltd/products/premium-training/
  4. Greetings all, I have been having an unusual problem for a while, where I begin rendering with the Gpu in cycles 4d. After 30 frames it stops using the GPU and begins using the processor for all frames after, which is pretty frustrating since it takes about 12 - 15x longer per frame once the GPU takes over rendering duties. *I did try tweaking the render node menus *device is set to Cuda, I also tried features menu Experimental. I'm not sure it is relevant, but I am using x2 GPU 1080 ti's, I haven't had any issue like this with blender Cycles. It's been going on for some time & I have had this issue with many scenes, I did test render a blank scene & still this the same issue persists. this was going on before the recent update and still persists after the new update. I have tried a clean install and updated GPU drivers. Any suggestions of things I can try welcome, and solutions even more welcome! Kind regards Julian
  5. I have scene with lot of cloned object. I need use cloner because i have some efector, and animations on cloned meshes (crowd). I need render it in cycles 4d, but when i turn cloner to multi instance mode, cycles stop rendering clones. I have lot of object in scene and my computer crash if i turn cloner to default instance mode. It some way to use multi instance cloner with cycles 4d? Martin.
  6. Zoir

    Licese problem

    Hi, it is really hard to find information on the insydium site. Specifically with license problems.My problem is that i used the plugin in the computer of my office, and now that i am trying to run it on my house it doesnt allow me. i tried to disable and even errase the plugin from my offices computer, but i still can not use it. someone knows what to do?
  7. Hello, I reproduce all setting, but cryptomatte render isn't look/work correctly. in Fusion (BMD) i've Cryptomatte v1.2.1 (Reactor Edition) - works with Fusion 9.02 also i look results in photoshop (with plugin exr IO v2) Anyone tried this at Fusion ??
  8. Hello, Does anyone knows if there is a way of adding different scenes/projects to a Cycles4D render queue? I'm using Cinema4D R19 and I was hoping to find somthing similar to RenderQueue
  9. Hello, I've been trying to make some chromatic aberration in Cycles. I couldn't find a way to make it, ut found a way to create a gloss light dispersion node. Cheers, Harold. GlassChromaticDispertion.c4d
  10. Hi there, is there any scene with caustics and cycles 4D. I´m not able to generate some caustics. Thx HR
  11. Whenever I want to render with the two NVIDIA RTX 2070 cards in my workstation, there is an error saying: "CUDA error: Not found in cuModuleGetGlobal(&cumem, &cubytes, cuModule, bind_name.c_str()), line 728" I'm using Windows 10 Pro AMD 2950X and 64GB RAM. When I render in Cycles for Blender 2.8 with the library from this post https://blenderartists.org/t/2-8-builds-for-rtx-cards/1136535/4 there is no error. Any recommendations, what i can do?
  12. I've cached a simple XP scene of flowing particles that have some turbulence, wind and drag. When I view the scene in the editor it looks great. I want to slow down the simulation for super slow motion, so I have modified the cache time scale to 5%. It looks great in the editor when I review/play. However, when I go to render with Cycles 4D, each frame is completely different from the last as if the seed is changing every frame- no relationship to the speed change I made and successfully see in the editor view. Any thoughts on why rendering is malfunctioning? Any scale other than 100% or -100% produces this render error.