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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have a general question that I can not find any answer to: If using the xpGenerator to clone instances on the particles, what type of baking/data/animation is necessary to make the animation offset work? I have tried Point Cache tag, Alembic, baking in the timeline and rig with joints, but none of these work with the offset function. So basically I have a bunch of birds flapping in unison, no matter what type of animation storage I use. The only result I can achieve is to get the offset on the joints, but in that case the weighted mesh doesn't move along. I have even bought in-depth tutorials on X-Particles, but couldn't find anything there as well. Can anybody explain this matter shortly? I would be really grateful since this funtion was one of the main reasons for me to purchase X-Particles.
  2. I have scene with lot of cloned object. I need use cloner because i have some efector, and animations on cloned meshes (crowd). I need render it in cycles 4d, but when i turn cloner to multi instance mode, cycles stop rendering clones. I have lot of object in scene and my computer crash if i turn cloner to default instance mode. It some way to use multi instance cloner with cycles 4d? Martin.