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Found 3 results

  1. bleepurchin

    Cache start time bug

    Hi guys, So I need my cache to start at a certain frame - not frame 0. Simple right? Well no. Even when hitting override on the cache tag and changing the frame number, XP stubbornly refuses to change the start frame from 0. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Thanks, Luke.
  2. Heya everyone, Came across this annoying little thing during some rnd phase of creating a scale growth particle system. whenever i increase the substeps to more than a value of 1 the starting scale of the particles when outside of the falloff does not sit at a value of 0 instead it will start at a medium value between the min and max of the xpScale mod. Any ideas why the substep is causing this scale issue ? I've attached the file, change the substep to 2 and things dont seem to work. Cheers Guys! Hand Particle Random.c4d
  3. Hey, I'm experiencing this curious problem. Whenever I turn on Groups and play the simulation Cinema crashes. It happened for the first time when I changed the 'Editor Display' field from Dots to Circle in the Incubating group. The scene has been crashing ever since. The project file is attached. Thank you, Sebastian. 20181204_Particle-Infection.c4d