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Found 2 results

  1. Heya everyone, Came across this annoying little thing during some rnd phase of creating a scale growth particle system. whenever i increase the substeps to more than a value of 1 the starting scale of the particles when outside of the falloff does not sit at a value of 0 instead it will start at a medium value between the min and max of the xpScale mod. Any ideas why the substep is causing this scale issue ? I've attached the file, change the substep to 2 and things dont seem to work. Cheers Guys! Hand Particle Random.c4d
  2. Sebastian

    Cinema crashes

    Hey, I'm experiencing this curious problem. Whenever I turn on Groups and play the simulation Cinema crashes. It happened for the first time when I changed the 'Editor Display' field from Dots to Circle in the Incubating group. The scene has been crashing ever since. The project file is attached. Thank you, Sebastian. 20181204_Particle-Infection.c4d