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  1. nvm got it forgot to read this, you can delete my post lol
  2. mdevotion

    XPpainter with Object Texture color

    where do you contact tech support?
  3. How about OVDBMesher, can you re-time that, or is it better to cache the emitter, re-time, then "re-cache" with mesh?
  4. mdevotion

    Achieving this effect

    Also it feels that the animation is rewinding instead of reversing in a different way.
  5. mdevotion

    Cached Mesh disappears

    Could you post the scene file?
  6. mdevotion

    Achieving this effect

    @Martin Thank you so much, indeed this is what I've got so far and I'm very satisfied with the splash result, but now I want the liquid to "morph" into this candy bar. I'm planning to tweak it with some squashing animation, I've tried with an xpCover and xpAttractor but I get some kind of blob that loops around until it cleans itself, which doesn't look very smooth. I've uploaded the scene and a preview, I really appreciate you guys taking your time to help me. pd: english not my first language :P 01.mp4 xp-forums-scene.c4d
  7. mdevotion

    Achieving this effect

    Hey guys I'm trying to achieve this explosion, I've made a lot of trial and error and I'm getting quite a headache, I don't really know If I should use a Fluid solver for this or just mess with turbulence and meshing particles, any ideas?
  8. Hey guys I need to re-create an effect of arrows with fire going through the camera to a floor, like this So I need help on how to do it, so far all I could think of, is an xpGenerator with the arrows as child but I dont know if XPlosia will affect all particles, or if I should do singular sims for each arrow.
  9. mdevotion

    Liquid Inquiry

    Got it! thanks Mike!
  10. mdevotion

    Liquid Inquiry

    So let me see if I understood, I have to match my emitter radius size with the vdbmesher point size?
  11. mdevotion

    Two expolisaFX in the same scene

    I think if you make it a child of the emitter or vice-versa, try it.
  12. mdevotion

    Liquid Inquiry

    Hey guys, I wanted to create a table that spawns liquid (ink-oil). What I did, I created various emitters that spawns particles from edges using the object emission from selection / edges, but for some reason the liquid is above the surface and is creating a shadow. Scene_Example.c4d