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  1. Hiya Deniz! Thank you for taking the time to help out with this! I wouldn't be so sure that I know more about cycles - I often feel like I am stumbling around in the dark and occasionally bang into something! 😉 The mapping node often confuses me and it never occurred to me to animate it to compensate for the translation error. Your solution was clever and effective, thank you. Hopefully the missing object field will be added to the Texture Coordinates node in a future update - It is super helpful and in this use-case it 'just works' without having to mess around with mapping nodes 😉 Thanks again Deniz! -Benny
  2. Hello Cycles Brainiacs - I'm trying to texture an object with two different shaders (think a neon sign tube where some of the tubing is covered with a black paint) and I'd like to drive the Fac on the Mix Shader using the position/orientation of a separate null layer. I'd like everything in front of the null to be glass and everything behind the null should be painted black. In Blender Cycles the effect is pretty easy using Object Field of the Texture Coordinates node. Unfortunately this field is missing from the Cycles4D and I'm at a loss for how to recreate the effect. I've had limited success using the Mapping Node's "Mapping From Object" field - as long as the objects don't rotate too much. Which is fine if my neon sign is facing down the positive-X, but if I try and move/rotate it elsewhere in the scene it all breaks. I've included a stripped down scene of the problem and a video of Cycles4D and Blender's Cycles to try and demonstrate the issue. Anyone have an idea for a workaround? Is the Object Field going to be exposed on the Texture Coordinates node in the future? Thanks! -Benny TexturePositionTest.c4d CyclesVsCycles4D_TextureProb.mp4