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  1. JackBrownMotion

    Use Particles to Trigger Emmiters

    Hi Steve, Thanks for getting back to me. I'll experiment with the questions and see what I can get. Cheers for the advice!
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to use particles from one Xp System to trigger the emitter(s) in a different Xp System using some kind of either falloff object or some proximity information? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jack
  3. JackBrownMotion

    Emit on Specific Frames

    Sorry - Me again! I've got a basic setup working where I keframe the Input 2 value on the Compare node. This gives me the control I need, but I was wondering if you had an alternative way of doing things, just in case I was missing something. Thanks though - This setup is doing the trick for now! Jack
  4. JackBrownMotion

    Emit on Specific Frames

    Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply - I was starting to wonder if it was possible at all! I'm a bit of an Xpresso novice - For me to build this myself, does the Xpresso tag go on the Emitter? Thanks
  5. JackBrownMotion

    Emit on Specific Frames

    Hi Everyone, First post on here, so please go easy on me! I'm trying to set up an emitter that emits its particles on specific, designated frames. I have an emitter set up as 'Pulse', but I cant get the offsets to behave properly. For example, I'd like to specify that my emitter emits on frames 5,12,25,100. Is there a way of doing this? Thanks
  6. JackBrownMotion

    Multiple xpFollowSpline Problem SOLVED

    Hey Lothar, Thanks for the tip. That's exactly what I needed! All the best - Jack
  7. Hi everyone! I'm a relative 'newbie' to xParticles, so apologies if this is an obvious fix. I've got a scene with an xParticles system that is using an xpFollowSpline modifier along a helix curve. It works nicely until I duplicate the system and assign a different spline to it. Both systems seem to go haywire. Any clues on this? I'll upload the scene (C4D R20) if someone would be kind enough to have a look? Thanks - Jack Shot_04_Forum.c4d