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  1. xavier

    Update to C4D 23.11 breaks Cycles

    yes, the next time I do a full install before erasing all traces of c4d and plugins in all the folders on the disk. To start over from the previous version. Before I would do a screenshot
  2. xavier

    Update to C4D 23.11 breaks Cycles

    On Mac 10,15,7 and R23,110 After installing the Cycles 541 update, first rendering with a very impressive time saving for equal quality .... BUT after a forced stop, with a flying window of the "timeline" Then impossible to restart C4D without having a Crash on startup. Complete installation of the application without deleting all the C4d files in the Library folder where the application preferences are found. So always I still had the problem and could not open C4D. Finally after removing all Maxon files and re-installing with version 509. While waiting for the end of the renderings of my current projects .... to try version 541 again. I do not know if it is a problem of C4D or Cycles4D 541 .... But with a reading impossible to stop, for lack of power, the forced stop is the only solution that I know ... xavier
  3. xavier

    mp4 cycles surface SOLVED

    Cycles 4D - Early Access Update - Build 29
  4. xavier

    Morphing of camera

    But is the "protection property" (locks) able to stop the transition camera ?
  5. xavier

    Morphing of camera

    ../...(i.e. Use as Render View is enabled),../... Yes, I have selected the right camera (transition) in the rendering queue. 😞
  6. The morphing of two cameras does not work with a rendering cycles. Only the position of the camera 1 is rendered ..... Does this come from my Installation or does it work normally for everyone ..?