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  1. jdk158

    mp4 cycles surface SOLVED

    Hey Xavier, I'm not quite sure what you’re showing me. Although this video is insightful, it does not answer my question because I’m not talking about displacement or anything. Below is a link to a video describing perfectly what I want to be able to do but with cycles materials. https://youtu.be/eNE516sOxD0
  2. Hello, I am trying to make a rather complicated material in cycles 4d. I wan to put a video as the surface for a part of an object I have. When i create an image texture and route it to the surface port, the mapping is very weird and I would like to know a proper way of doing it. If anyone can help with this issue, please let me know.
  3. jdk158

    Compositing With Cycles 4D

    Hey Dave, it took me a little less than a day to render this clip in alpha yet only in the last frame, I am able to see the object I am working with. I set all of the render parameters accordingly yet all the other still png files for each frame are completely transparent. I even placed compositing tags on every other surface in the c4d file to make sure only the car is seen in the final render. If there is something that I am missing or doing wrong, please let me know. I also rendered to match my frame rates as well
  4. jdk158

    Compositing With Cycles 4D

    Hey Dave, I have updated the environment nodes so its a bit more accurate now. I was able to find a way to import the .obj file and actively edit my scene by dragging the cinema 4d file into an after effects layer but all my materials did not show up and the grid background still remained. Is it recommended to export the alpha channel then bring that into after effects or is there something else I am missing?
  5. Hello all, I am a beginner with Cinema 4D still as well as after effects. Recently I have tried a compositing project with small footage I have. I have already placed a 3D tracking camera from after effects and opened it inside of Cinema. The thing I do not know how to do and have not seen any tutorial on is how to composite anything from cinema into after effects. Below I have attached images of the files and was wondering how would I be able to import the jpg sequence after effects renders to be able to be composited frame by frame into cinema as a background or environment? Please anyone help me out! I like cycles but there needs to be either more tutorials or some where i can find more information about this.