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  1. RobertG

    xplosia and xpEmitter

    Never mind... just found the new volume shaders :-)
  2. RobertG

    xplosia and xpEmitter

    Thanks a lot... Amount of particles was fine. I have it working now after upgrading to windows 10, I guess that was not the problem of course.... probably some weird user error. Now looking for a way of rendering in Cycles4D, I guess i need the point density node for it, but although I have set it to Efx Smoke nothing shows up. Anyone has a pointer to a walkthrough video, cannot find much on this. Kind regards, robert
  3. RobertG

    xplosia and xpEmitter

    Xplisia with particles is working fine.... But when I emit the particles from an object driven by image it stops working. Not possible or do I miss something? Thanks, Robert
  4. RobertG

    Frame Node SOLVED

    Nevermind.... need to rightclick...
  5. RobertG

    Frame Node SOLVED

    Hey guys.... Can't seem to have the frame-node working, i'm dragging my selected nodes unto it but they just stay on top. Not sure if anyone is using this one but I'm curious why it does not work. Regards, Robert