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  1. ah nice one olly! that's brilliant! it works really well - i think it probably is a sub frame issue - this has lots of scope for a variety of setups, including skinning the particles getting eaten - thanks for sharing 🙂 In the end we found a workaround for our particular project where we used the vertex map modifier so we could get the [particles to eat away a surface. I'll ask the client if we can share the project file setup and share the vid too Cheers! Tom
  2. Grizzle

    Smoke Alpha Channel

    Hello! Can anyone shed light on how to get a good alpha channel on smoke rendering? Attached is a set of images showing what we mean. All the images are 32 bit Tiffs with samples set to 24. We're getting some dark edges on the side of the alpha channel. Attached is an image showing what i mean. We've tried changing the alpha channel from normal to straight which makes the smoke render a lighter colour and changes the dark edge to a light edge. Any help much appreciated!! Cheers, Tom
  3. Hi good people, I need to create an effect where a set of spawning particles, eat the particles they come into contact with. In the attached image it would be the blue particles eating the smaller ghrey ones. The blue particles are perpetually spawning. I've been trying to do it with the nearest particle question and a kill modifier but no joy. Any ideas how to do this setup? Cheers, Tom Cloth Build_0001 - post.c4d
  4. by the way getting somewhere with an XP fluid sim on this, will keep you updated!
  5. Hey Dbaker, thanks for those! we're not using Nuke here unfortunately but the beta plugin could yield something. Yeah was disappointed to find that the remotion plugin wasn't working with the newest versions of C4D. found this the other day - this is pretty much exactly what i'm after: Any idea if there's a workflow in XP that could achieve that? The feature that seems to be missing is at around 20 mins in he closes the boundaries on the fluid sim and means that the particles behave like a fluid would on a surface. I've tried the limit modifier in XP and also follow surface but no joy. Cheers for your help! Tom
  6. yo DBaker - the plugin is still avail for download here: https://www.remotion4d.net/downloads_d2.php# will try it later today hopefully. fingers crossed ti will still work with r20 Cheers! Tom
  7. Hey DBaker, big thanks! gonna have a play with your file, see if we can hack it to what we need. Thanks so much for uploading Shame that plugin isn't available that would be ideal. This is where our tests got to using a displacement map, a flat projected texture, and a ton of geometry: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nj4zs1hs9ud1o5/Displacement%203.mp4?dl=0 Its not quite there as you can see. I wonder if the two techniques could be mixed somehow... i'll give it a try Cheers! Tom
  8. Hello amazing people! Can anyone help us work out how best to tackle recreating this marble/liquid effect? We've been playing with displacement maps and getting some okay results but because we're using geometry we're a little limited by how complex we can make the swirls. Also we haven't found the perfect mix of displacement. So now we're thinking down the lines of XP to make it. For the animation / motion of the image we've been given this awesome BBC 2 ident as a reference: https://youtu.be/szX9L8J6CC8?t=505 Any thoughts & help much appreciated! Cheers, Tom