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  1. Troyan

    Freezing a sim as an object

    Trying to export to VDB and bring a single frame in.
  2. Troyan

    Freezing a sim as an object

    This may be a dumb question, I know you can freeze a simulation at any point, but I'm trying to make a nebula for a space scene. What I want takes 5 seconds on the timeline to sim, but I want to freeze the nebula at 5 seconds and use it as a 3D object that I can position etc. in my scene from the beginning of the animation. Is there a way to, for lack of a better term, "current state to object" the particle cloud and just use it as a static object? Trying to avoid having to preroll 5 seconds and have the nebulae sim for the entirety of my animation which is a couple of minutes long. Thanks!
  3. Troyan

    Particles will not stop vibrating in fluid sim

    I tried the viscosity settings in the emitter and didn't seem to make a difference, but I didn't crank it anywhere near you did. I though pumping up iterations that high would make it unusable, but apparently not :). Thanks again!
  4. Troyan

    Particles will not stop vibrating in fluid sim

    Gosh, thanks Lothar. That is a lot more stable. Gonna study your tweaks.
  5. Troyan

    Particles will not stop vibrating in fluid sim

    I just switched to the FluidFX instead of FluidPBD and I'm getting much more stable results. What is the difference between the 2? Why are there 2 fluid solvers?
  6. Hey guys I'm working on an injecting paste animation for a client and I've put together a simple scene using Constraints and FluidPBD. It works as I want it in general but the particles will not stop vibrating after colliding with the surface, so in some instances, the start of the paste slowly raises into the air like a snake. I've tweaked every setting I can think of but cannot get the particles to settle down. I've attached the simple scene. Any insights are greatly appreciated. PasteTest.c4d
  7. Troyan

    Randomized spawn? SOLVED

    Fixed within range did the trick. Thanks for that!
  8. Hey guys So i'm working on an animation where I have about 10 objects that are birthed through a shot emitter, then after about 1 second I want those particles to spawn a shot of their own, but not all at the same time. So between 1 second and 2 seconds i would like each of them to do spawn a shot emission at more of a randomized time. Nothing I've tried is working. Any suggestions? Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys I'm working on an illustration for a medical client and I'm trying to model what can be best described as titanium noodles on the surface of an object. I've gotten fairly close but I can't quite get the skinner tweaked quite right. The skinner is filling in too much as I need to make it feel more porous like in the attached photo. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated!