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  1. At the risk of seeming thick, I can't figure out the splash of a guy falling into the ocean. file attached. any advice gratefully received. best regards, David dummy figure splash xpocean.c4d
  2. djfilms

    Cache problems with 2 smoke objects

    SOLLVED: secret is: 2 emitters one cache for all one EFX for all one Redshift volume for all
  3. I'm trying to create a curly smoke and a spreading smoke, rendered in Redshift. I need help in clarifying the proper set-up. The attached file has 2 emitters, each with its own turbulece, each with a cache, each with a EFX and each with a Redshift render volume. Is this the correct approach? Also, when I build the caches, I do not see either smoke redered. So.... Any advice gratefully received. regards, David 2 emitters in same smoke.c4d
  4. djfilms

    Swirling London fog?

    SOS. I want to create a dolly through swirling London thick fog (Think Victorian Sherlock Holmes / Jack the Ripper....). I've tried XplosiaFX and VDB clouds, but I can't get anything close. Can any clever soul point me in the right direction? regards, David
  5. SOLVED!! Was lookiing for offset in x-particles objects, not in Redshift texture object. Sorry for the superfluous squawk!
  6. I want to create raining flaming spheres. I have a Redshift texture of a flaming torch with 300 frames. I use xparticles to create raining placards, but they are all in sync. I don't see how to offset randmonly the start of the animation of each placard. Any clever soul see how to do this?
  7. djfilms

    Raining fireballs?

    Lothar, a thousand blessings on your household for your tips. I did not reaize you can add fuel to just the particle. To paraphrase Cecil Rhodes: so much to learn, so little learned...... Thnak you for tkaing the time to reply. best regards, David
  8. djfilms

    Raining fireballs?

    I'm trying to crete the effect of flaming rain. I've got raining spheres using a generator. I've got an xpExplosia domain and a source tag on the source sphere. But..... only the source sphere is flaming, not the instances. Attached is the test file. Can any clever soul tell me what I'm doing wrong? Any assistance gratefully receveived. raining fire test.c4d
  9. djfilms

    Bubbling lava filed with Redshift?

    SOS. I want to create a bubbling, turbulent lava lake. I can use either OpenVDB mesher or xpSkinner to create a volume with a top surface. But.... I can't see how to add a Redshift texture to the mesh. I apply the texture to the mesh but it does not render as such. Am I taking the wrong approach? If so, how do you texture meshed particles as if the mesh were a usual C4D mesh? Any guidance gratefully received.
  10. djfilms

    can't get cloud vortex to work

    I'm trying to create a cloud vortex for rendering in Redshift. I've set up the particles to my satisfaction, but when I set up xpExplosiaFX, with the tag on the emitter, the smoke does not follow the particles. File attached. Any assistance gratefully received. cloud vortex rig.c4d