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  1. Sorry, I should have come back to say thank you! For some reason a few forums I'm on, I never get notified of responses. C4d Café does the same thing, even though I have it set up to send me an email when I get a forum response to something I've posted. Anyway, sorry for the delay and I hope you have a great New Year. I'll have to go back and recheck that original file and see if the issue is still there.
  2. Here's a screen shot of my problem. I used the camera calibrator to match perspective on a stock image. I'm trying to composite these together and I've gotten everything to work, but the image does not line up where it's suppose to. It should align with edge of the camera border. I've set the resolution in the render settings and in the background material. So I'm not sure why it's not lining up correctly? Does anybody have an idea what I'm missing? Thanks!
  3. I'm having the same problem. I had them working before, but then I started having a lot of crashes. So I reset all my preferences and took out all non-essential plugins. I was trying to add them back, but I'm also getting frozen on "initializing interface". I've tried all kinds of combos and nothing seems to work. I guess I could try downloading them again from the website to see if that helps.
  4. Stage5

    Compositing With Cycles 4D

    Thanks Dave! I'll have a look. You're right it probably is better in the end to use an outside texture. But I figure for quick lookdev, this will help a lot for speed. Thanks so much for your help. I do appreciate it! Simon
  5. Stage5

    Compositing With Cycles 4D

    Does anyone know how to get a gradient to show in the background instead of a solid color (without using a bitmap image)? I tried running a gradient through a color ramp into the second background node and it doesn't show up. Do I need to run it through a diffuse node first? Any help would be great since I use gradients all the time to fake an infinite background. Thanks!
  6. Stage5

    Glass Chromatic Dispersion

    Hi Harodo, Did you see the prebuilt in Dispersion material? Material Browser > Create > Cycles 4d > Surface Extended > Glass Dispersion
  7. Stage5

    Ocean Beach Simulation Help Please

    Thank you for the reply! I will apply your suggestions and see where it takes me.
  8. I've just started learning XP also, so sorry I can't really answer about how to do this. It is a really cool video though! There is a post over in the Fluids section where someone else is asking about doing something similar with an oil in water type of swirling action like part of that video. I think they also came to the conclusion that a lot of examples of that kind of thing are done in Houdini, but I guess it's possible somehow in XP. That post should be near the top of that section, but if you can't find it, I'll see if I can track it down. I saw it a few days ago and seeing your post reminded me of it.
  9. Stage5

    Ocean Beach Simulation Help Please

    Ok, going to try and attach the two images that wouldn't attach earlier.
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone here can give me some tips and pointers regarding this scene I'm working on. I'm new to X-Particles / Cycles4d, so any advice will be greatly appreciated. I didn't intend to have a job so soon that uses X-Particles until I learned how to use it better, but a guy I've been doing freelance design work for the last several years asked if I could do a motion graphics animation for him. Some of the original drafts I did were a combo of C4d and After Effects. He then asked if I could take inspiration from a banner he saw on LinkedIn. I know the original one from this LinkedIn page is real beach video footage that has an alpha mask on it, but I think that XP would be a good fit for mimicing this, and will hopefully help me learn to use the system better. Here is the reference link to the idea that he likes. The banner I would do will possibly be on LinkedIn, but will mainly be for a FaceBook Banner Header. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:ugcPost:6550362860743200768/ I do have a basic scene set up. Cycles4d doesn't have to be used, but I do have that plugin as well. (attached) (for some reason, my two png files will not attach here, so those will be missing. Error -200 ?). - I made a quick height map for the beach displacement. This is mainly to make the fluid flow around more naturally and may end the end being dropped out to an alpha channel anyway. (won't attach) - This fluid doesn't necessarily have to be a natural realistic water color. This company has a lot of bright colors in their palette and they use a lot of gradients blending them together. (I'm attaching one of the multiple trade show booth designs I did for this client, to give a reference of the type of colors they use.) - Right now my simulation is really blobby and I don't know exactly how to sort it out to have more natural sheets of water and foam as they stretch on the beach before rolling back out. - I tried doing version that had casino chips for the particles, but it looked terrible (it's in the file). This company has a mobile app that's kind of like PayPal, but works directly with Las Vegas and Atlantic City Casinos for payouts. So I thought it might be good to include those somehow. If there is a way to scatter a smaller amount of chips in the fluid and have them wash up on the shore that would be interesting. This isn't a necessity, but I'd like to figure out how to do it to see how it looks. - The waves and foam looked better when I increased the turbulence, but then too much water washes on shore. If there's a way to increase that, but have less on shore, please share any tips. I know all the members here volunteer to help answer these questions, so I do appreciate anyone taking the time to give any advice they can. Thanks! Beach Simulation Test Cycles.c4d
  11. Thanks bentraje, I'll give that a try.
  12. I'm in the process of trying to switch my workflow from Cheetah 3d to Cinema 4d with Cycles4d. I have a sign model that I was testing this on because we have some literature that needs to be updated with new construction. All the of the stock materials that should have some transparency (Glass, Translucent, Transparent) when applied to my mesh aren't showing correctly in the IPR and after rendering. The scene is mostly lit with an HDRI using Greyscalegorilla's HDRI Link. I did put one area light in this scene to brighten it some. For some reason it's a lot darker with just the HDRI in C4d than it was in Cheetah 3d. But I'm not worried about that for now. Does anyone have any idea why these stock materials are behaving this way? I'm attaching the C3d render and then a screenshot showing the Cycles 4d IPR window. Thanks! Thanks!
  13. Stage5

    Compositing With Cycles 4D

    Hi Dave, Just want to say thanks for the file. I'm new to C4d / Cycles4d and had the same question. This should help a lot.