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  1. Hello, I m not sure if this can help u but I had a Hackintosh with 128 GB ram and 1 GTX1080 plus 2 2.67 xeon. When watching some tutorials I saw the difference with the frame rate for very basic simulation on my viewport. I decide to install win 10 on another disk, same hardware and everything became 50/60 % faster. I migrate from Mac OS to win 10 for the speed of my 3d apps.I guees al guys working on plugins and render engine work with windows, especially due to the Cuda developement of Nvidia witch is not the best friend of Apple vision. It s not because one system is better than another is just because developpers use a tecnologie that not all brand use,also,I m not an expert so not sure if this can influence speed.
  2. Arthur

    Cloth Break, no matter my settings

    Thanks a lot for another great tip, the logo shape is terrible and I was pretty sure that this wa making things stranges...Will send back the illustrator file since I don t like to spline flow of the shape.Thanks for yoiur help !
  3. Arthur

    Cloth Break, no matter my settings

    Thank you very much Lothar, I will play around with your tips .Never imagine that reducing the structure and compagnions could help the situation.Also I was pretty sure that enabling second constraint could help in No break the cloth...Plenty things to learn as always... the cloth still have some trouble on the back side will try to tweak with your setting in mind Thanks ! Arthur
  4. Hello. I can't have this cloth fall onto the geometry without breaking. Tryed substep to 3, up to 150 subd,some dampen, but nothing, it s break .Where is my mistake ? Thanks Cloth Break.c4d