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    XP Dynamics set up

    It is happening something similar to me. It is working slow. Also when I apply the xpdynamic tag to a cloner it's not working properly. I've tried to use the xpPPCollision Object, the xpConstraints or the xpFluidPBD, as is suggested for the xpShatter, to make the particles collide with each other but it's not working properly, Which is the way to proceed with cloners? It's very promising to be able to work whit all kind of simmulations together (dynamics, cloth, xplosia, fluids, shatter) but in the presentation video for the "X-Particles Early Access Update - xpDynamics presentation" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in5Mig-Rvnc, in the minute 2'38'' seems to be easier and faster than what I'm achieving. I want to dig more with all the new features.