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  1. Is there any talk of a Metal version of Cycles?
  2. Borez1

    Lightning SOLVED

    Awesome, didn't know that existed, thanks a Bunch :)
  3. Borez1

    Particle collisions SOLVED

    Ahh, as easy as that. I was trying to do it with groups and stuff . Thanks a ton 😉
  4. 4 separate emitters within a sphere ( kept within the sphere by collision detection ) firing particles at 4 separate frames. How do I make the particles ( spheres ) bounce off each other within this system?
  5. Hey Guys, new here and new to X particles so hello. OK, so I've generated lightning between two points using xpElektrix, no problem. How do I then realistically light said lightning in C4D for rendering? I've done it (ish) with a rendered hair object, but there has to be a better way than this, what am I missing here? Thanks in advance