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  1. Are you serious? The scene contains: - video camera (this is to see the animation better but if it is a problem you can simply delete it) - xpSystem - Sphere - cube (for collision) I would have preferred a truer answer, if you don't have time to check this I prefer sincerity, I can understand that you have a lot of work but just say this;)
  2. No news about this?
  3. Of course, exactly the same scene is attached but with different Subframe Steps, the one that works correctly is set to 1 but if the Subframe Steps are increased (example to 20, but also 4) the dynamics of the spheres assumes a strange and incorrect behavior. ps. Always remaining on the subject I would like to remind you that xpDynamics does not work with the cache being rendered, this is a problem that I reported some time ago but I don't know if it has been resolved. This is a great feature but unfortunately with these problems it is unusable in any work. Thanks SIMPLE BALL scene - SubSteps 1.c4d SIMPLE BALL scene - SubSteps 20.c4d
  4. Okay, today I'm starting to hate X-Particles: I'm creating a very simple animation with xpDynamics and I'm having a problem that doesn't make sense. I'm using an emitter to generate spheres through an xpGenerator with an xpDynamic tag..all okay. But when I use "angular velocity" with for example 180 ° in the simulation with Subframe Steps set to 1 ... it works. If I set the Subframe Steps to 24 (for example) the spheres have a strange movement ... this is not normal..why? Is it a bug ??? sub 1.mp4 sub 24.mp4
  5. dasky

    XP Dynamics set up

    XPDynamics it's totally useless..you can also delete it if it doesn't work well ... the cache doesn't work too .. the modifiers don't work (for example xpSpin) ..... !!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi, I'm trying to generate cache for this example (img attached).. But, I don't know why..not work. Can you help me?