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  1. Right ! I missed that. Its a quick one! On another note, I just got Cycles4D and its 50times faster than Octane to render x particles!
  2. Hey thanks ! I overlooked that! Because in the scene file from the repository is probably an older version and is not there even in their video on Youtube!
  3. Hi I had successfully recreated the Particle File Displacement process. But I wanted to recreate it again in an art directed manner, and suddenly it snot working. 1. Put the emitter in the Fall Off Tab of the Displace Deformer/ Noise shader. 2 Follow Surface > Object > Subdivision/ Smoothing 3. Add some turbulence. But when I am doing it its not working. I am attaching my scene file. Am i missing something? Field Emitter Displacement Test.c4d
  4. nikonb

    Audio Waveform design SOLVED

    teknow! Wow thanks a ton, its a very interesting approach. I am not an expert in C4d and xpresso. Could you care to briefly explain the concept of this ? thanks so much!
  5. Hi, I am trying to create an audio waveform/reactive look like this. Can anyone please suggest how I can go about this ? Using the sound modifier of course 🙂
  6. Hi, I am trying to replicate the Explosia Shockwave effect as demonstrated here But my results lack a general detail in resolution. I have made the Voxel size 2, even then I don't get detail in the Shockwave . I am rendering it in Octane, after exporting the cache as OpenVDb file. Can someone guide me as to how I can get really detailed smoke and more tendril like endings? Thanks
  7. nikonb

    Dripping Blood

    Hi still trying to get a dripping blood look, but unsucessful. Tried with Texture emission also. But somehow VDB mesher doesnt work with animated texture?
  8. Hi, is this done with texture emission and then modifiers ?
  9. nikonb

    Dripping Blood

    Super thanks man!
  10. nikonb

    Dripping Blood

    Hi, I am working on a sequence, where I want blood dripping from a microphone. I have done it in 2D, but its not looking good. It needs some volume/ geometry. I was wondering if I can use X particles to create the dripping blood look. Any suggestions ? Thanks!
  11. Wow ! Thanks Mike! Super helpful!
  12. Hi, Just bought X particles and trying to replicate a Volcanic eruption with glowing Lava particles. Like this, I like the way particles speed ramp up and then fall back on the surface of the mountain glowing and there is some contact glow as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Plj4b79cwg Any help advise/ tips much appreciated ! Thanks !