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  1. SundancePioneer

    Shatter & Dynamics intersections

    Hi Lothar, thank you so much for looking into this problem so detailed - i understand what limitation there is now and why my intended setup won't work. I might try to do a workaround with the MoGraph Voronoi Fracture or a mixture of techniques. It's interesting to see the cause for the problem though, so thanks again for posting all this! It might be an interesting feature addition for future releases, to gain more (and/or easier) control over the dynamic shards and the intersections. Thanks again Kind regards sundance
  2. Hey xp people, i'm currently working on a scene where i want to shatter a cubic object - the basic setup works without any problems, but i'm not getting proper collisions between the shards. I added the dynamics tag and have also set up substeps and collisions accordingly. But no matter what i do, the shards intersect with eachother. It has been suggested in this forum to enable "Push" in the dynamics tag - which sadly doesn't work with the animation intended for this scene.. Is there any other way to get proper collisions from the start, other than having to push apart the shards first? Kind regards Sundance xpshatter-cube.c4d
  3. SundancePioneer

    Particle Radius / Meshing Problem

    Thanks for that, i didn't think of altering the radius post-emission - it works much better now 🙂
  4. SundancePioneer

    Particle Radius / Meshing Problem

    Hey guys, I'm currently struggling with the simulation of a water pitcher that gets filled up with water. I created the sim to scale, which looks fine so far - i had to increase the particle radius though, in order to fill the pitcher in a timely manner (with smaller particles it used to take 10-15 seconds or longer to fill the whole thing). But when setting the radius so high, the meshes created with OVDB or Skinner look very blobby and chunky - i can't seem to find any setting that works with that high radius. I tried fidgeting with Gravity and some of the fluid parameters, but i can't get the results i'm after. Is there a way to make the pitcher fill quicker without having to set the radius so high? Or is there a way to get a more decent and realistic mesh even with the radius set so high? I have attached a scene file where i tried a lower particle radius - but filling takes significantly longer. Of course, re-timing in post would be my "poor man's rescue" - but it would look unnatural and i'd like to avoid it... Any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂 Thanks in advance Sundance pitcher-testing.c4d