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  1. Also, when you use CSTO, Octane Vertex Map node loses foam map, you need to add it again. Then it will render correctly in Octane Live Viewer but not Picture Viewer.
  2. @Eduard_1992 Does it render correctly to Picture Viewer for you? xpOcean octane issues_Standard2.c4d
  3. Please contact technical support, send a scene with assets so we can test and see what is happening. A video example would be helpful too.
  4. Martin

    Cycles 4D Update - Build 500

    Try updating your GPU drivers.
  5. Martin

    Particcle advection - Particles disappear

    Not a bug. Your scene length is 150 frames (250k particles) and you have increased emitter retiming to 250%. So this means your particles are traveling faster and reach the same amount at 60 frames and then they die. Please read about retiming here: http://docs.x-particles.net/html/emitterv4_object_emitter.php
  6. No, currently, it shows all the nodes.
  7. @Richard Riegel Well, I can't confirm this but you can change this to 1 and save as default. I hope this helps.
  8. @Richard Riegel Your xpEmitter > Extended Data > Physical Data > Mass is set to 0. If you set it to 1 (default) fluids will work as expected.
  9. Martin

    Achieving this effect

    You could use a FluidFX, Sheeter and Turbulence.
  10. @Ljon Download a tool called GPU-Z and you will see it utilized. CPU will be utilized too. How much? Depends on your scene. For example:
  11. You can read a bit here, what Ton Roosendaal thinks of Metal support: https://lists.blender.org/pipermail/bf-committers/2018-December/049720.html
  12. @bentraje Unfortunately, currently not possible, changes in the custom group will not be updated in other scene files having materials with this group. We would love to add many features but all goes down to Cinema 4D, it's not perfect.
  13. @luke harmer You have two systems in your scene, so modifiers from one system are affecting emitter from another system and vice versa. This will make a mess. Select xpSystem > Object > General and check the 'Only Modifiers in Same System' checkbox. You can also include/exclude particular modifier in your emitter (xpEmitter > Modifiers tab).
  14. @salvame change Curve Type to 'Curve Segments', preferred Curve Shape and Subdivisions in Cycles 4D Render Settings.
  15. Martin

    Why Won't This Render? SOLVED

    It renders fine, what is the problem?