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  1. I can't get animated textures to work since I upgraded to the latest build. Bummer.
  2. KMM

    xpPin don`t work

  3. So I've been trying to create a complex water drop sim and I can't get gravity to map to mass. I even recreated the video manual tutorial (which I included). As soon as I map mass into the gravity modifier, it (gravity) becomes inactive. MassBug.c4d
  4. Sorry. Here is the scene file from the content repository. XP_Cyc4D_ClothFX_Glimmering_R16.c4d
  5. When I load this setup the particles don't stick to the cloth. I rebuilt this from scratch and still no luck. The only way it sticks if I set emission to points from edges. It makes them very organized. Thoughts? R18 with latest build to both XP and Cycles. Thanks for your time Kevin
  6. Hi All, I thought i would share my first real X-particles/Cycles 4D creation. It's a demo for a skin care product that never came to be... I was first approached to do a Flame composite and retouch for a film shoot. Long story short, the project died. So I then set out to make this demo with X-Particles. For me, having a project with direction is the only way to learn... Also timing seems to help because this would have been a lot harder to figure out without the "constraints" maintenance training. Cheers to that. Can’t wait for more videos! The only real issue I ran into was not being able to set an initial state on the first set of skin cells. Everything just blew up when I tried to apply it. Anyway, I just cached the full sim and only rendered what I needed. At the end of the day no big deal. thanks Insydium guy's for this creative outlet, KM SKIN_REVIALTIZED.mp4
  7. KMM

    XP Dynamics set up

    I’ve got the same problem over here. It’s an early release. Can’t wait to play once all the bugs are out.