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  1. KMM

    Emitting from texture

    I want to emit from a texture on a plane and have my particles receive the color info from that texture... does that texture need to be exclusively aC4D texture or can it be Cycles generated as well? thanks Kevin
  2. KMM

    build 884 tutorials

    New Features are amazing. Can I ship you guys some coffee?
  3. I can't get animated textures to work since I upgraded to the latest build. Bummer.
  4. KMM

    xpPin don`t work

  5. Sorry. Here is the scene file from the content repository. XP_Cyc4D_ClothFX_Glimmering_R16.c4d
  6. When I load this setup the particles don't stick to the cloth. I rebuilt this from scratch and still no luck. The only way it sticks if I set emission to points from edges. It makes them very organized. Thoughts? R18 with latest build to both XP and Cycles. Thanks for your time Kevin
  7. Hi All, I thought i would share my first real X-particles/Cycles 4D creation. It's a demo for a skin care product that never came to be... I was first approached to do a Flame composite and retouch for a film shoot. Long story short, the project died. So I then set out to make this demo with X-Particles. For me, having a project with direction is the only way to learn... Also timing seems to help because this would have been a lot harder to figure out without the "constraints" maintenance training. Cheers to that. Can’t wait for more videos! The only real issue I ran into was not being able to set an initial state on the first set of skin cells. Everything just blew up when I tried to apply it. Anyway, I just cached the full sim and only rendered what I needed. At the end of the day no big deal. thanks Insydium guy's for this creative outlet, KM SKIN_REVIALTIZED.mp4
  8. KMM

    XP Dynamics set up

    I’ve got the same problem over here. It’s an early release. Can’t wait to play once all the bugs are out.