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  1. HR2019

    Export OpenVDB

    Hello everyone, for example, if I export smoke from X-Particles as OpenVDB and then import it again, neither the orientation nor the position is correct. Is there a trick? Apparently either mirrored export or import. In the picture on the left you see the original X-Particles simulation on the right side the XP simulation is exported as Open VDB and then imported with Redshift Volume. The import seems mirrored.
  2. HR2019

    X-Particles Updates

    Sorry, found it by myself. 🙂
  3. Hi there, if I try to update my x-particles the following message pops up: Unable to write to the X-Particles folder. "Please ensure the plugin is located in the correct plugins folder. Please see the manual for more information. Thank you." At the moment the x-particles folder is here: C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R21\plugins What is wrong about it? Thanks
  4. HR2019

    Caustics in Cycles 4D

    Hi Dave, thanks. I`ll try it. Kind regards
  5. HR2019

    Caustics in Cycles 4D

    Thanks, but I cant go to the post, because I`m not a member. It is astonishing that insydium does not provide such a scene.
  6. HR2019

    Caustics in Cycles 4D

    Is it not possible? Is there at least a tutorial?
  7. Hi there, is there any scene with caustics and cycles 4D. I´m not able to generate some caustics. Thx HR