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  1. I'm on R19 so maybe thats why it works fine for me.
  2. Or just use an xpNoiseFalloff and not Fields
  3. teknow

    A thank you to Insydium...

    And I want to thank Insydium for the marvelous Maintenance Training series! The shrink wrap one is so clever but they are all fantastic and so didactic!
  4. I would like to thank Insydium for the superb Maintenance Training series AND for the Stayhome Training. Outstanding quality and very generous.
  5. teknow

    Cycles 4D Update - Build 500

    Wow, what an exciting update. Sure glad I sprung for another year! All kinds of great new features.
  6. You miss the point. You change groups to change the color. You might want to read Lothar's discussion.
  7. You can do that several ways. Here are two example files and one uses change groups and the other Falloff. Color Change Using Groups.c4d change on particle falloff_R19.c4d Lothar gives a great discussion of this topic in a prior message area.
  8. teknow

    Limit xpInfectio Influence?

    I have r19 so no fields but Falloff works great.
  9. teknow

    displacement and bump

    This one doesn't require an image. Displacement Node 1.c4d Displacement Node 1.c4d
  10. teknow

    displacement and bump

    It works fine for me Displacement Node 3.c4d
  11. I just went back and re-dissected all these files for study. This message area was immensely helpful to me. It is absolutely packed with great techniques. Thanks again!!
  12. teknow

    OVDB vertex color

    What technique are you using to color the mesh? Some ways are more accurate than others.
  13. teknow

    Height Color

    Seems like this iteration is logical but it doesn't work: Height Color.c4d
  14. teknow

    Height Color

    I am trying to vary the color along the tentacles of the cell from green at the base on the cell to orange at the longest tentacles tips. So far nothing has worked. I saw in the Webinar how you can change the color depending on the height of a clone but this is not a cloner object. On the attached file how should I set up the Cycles nodes? Height Color.c4d
  15. Issue solved. I am glad we had this conversation.