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  1. teknow

    Animated noise texture

    Got it! Here is a version using C4D Noise animated with displacement. I tried Micropolygon Displacement of Cycles but it looked terrible and the render took forever. Cycles 4D Using C4D Noise With Displacement.c4d Can't open your file. It says "restricted license". I guess you are on the free trial version?
  2. teknow

    Animated noise texture

    Here is a partial answer. I found a way to use C4D Noise (or any C4D texture!) within Cycles and it will animate. BUT I can't, so far, make it actuate the Displacement Node. This alone however is huge. I hope I can make this technique displace. There must be a way. You can do this by using the Texture Image Node and then click on Node in the Attribute box and this allows you to use any C4D texture including noises. Be sure to click on Animate at the bottom of the Texture page. Cycles 4D Using C4D Noise.c4d Be sure to click play.
  3. teknow

    Animated noise texture

    The answer is not what I thought. Apparently Noise in Cycles is not nearly as sophisticate and wonderful as C4D Noise. In Blender you can animate the Seed value but I see no way to do that in Cycles. This type of Seed animation in Render does not apply to a Texture Noise Seed This is the seed value for the sampling pattern. In general you can leave this set at the default of zero. This will automatically animate the seed value and produce animated noise if you render an animated scene (which is usually what you want). Note that in this context 'noise' does not refer to a noise texture but the noise or grain which can appear in the rendered image. I would love to find a way to use C4D Noise and then convert it but so far no joy. So......I am currently researching this and if anyone has a technique I would love to hear about it. This should not be this difficult, it is so easy in C4D! I will post when I find an answer.
  4. teknow

    Animated noise texture

    I think I know the answer but can you post an example file so I can see if I am right?
  5. teknow

    xpShatter Question

    Great ideas! I had used Wind to move it but your way is better. The use of xpVolumeContainer is really clever. Thank you and as usual I learned a bunch of new tricks! Weird thing: when I run your file a few frames and save, the next time I open it I get "Incorrect File Structure" dialog box. That's a new one on me and it happens consistently on repeat. It has never happened with your files before. Does that ring a bell?
  6. teknow

    xpShatter Question

    Got it! Nevermind.
  7. I am trying to get the sphere to have initial linear velocity, collide with the wall, shatter, and then have the pieces shatter again when they fall to the floor. Bob Walmsley did that in one of the announcement tutorials. So far all I can get the sphere to do is drop and shatter. Any guidance here would be much appreciated! sphere break 2.c4d
  8. teknow

    Great Text Effect

    The rig works fine with both the Connect and the Displacer Deformer inside of null but I don't see much difference. I tried on a polygon reduced brain instead of the Connect but it choked my machine. I may try that again because the effect would be great.
  9. teknow

    Bubbles Coalescing

    Bentraje, Thanks, that looks really interesting but unfortunately they want my money.
  10. teknow

    Bubbles Coalescing

    Is there any way with X-particles to recreate how bubbles on top of a carbonated beverage coalesce from small to large and randomly burst? It is so beautiful and magical and it would be great to create that effect. It is even more beautiful if the fluid has some thickness which makes the bubbles get bigger and last longer.
  11. teknow

    Soft Body Dynamics Issues

    By my way of thing I would create all my proper xpConstraints settings so the object behaved the way I wanted and then add aOBVDMesher to create the mesh. I would not use the xpDeformer because it is not so infinitely controllable. But maybe I don't understand what you want. Connections 2.c4d Is this the look you are seeking?
  12. teknow

    Soft Body Dynamics Issues

    I am not clear on what you are trying to achieve. What is your goal for a final result?
  13. Here's an example of a great text effect using xpConstraints: Avoidance 10.c4d And it has no intersection
  14. teknow

    Follow volume?

    xlpCover will VolumeFollow.c4d
  15. Luckily found that little mistake before I turned my paper in. XP multicolour particles_0001forming objects then morph.c4d