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  1. I just went back and re-dissected all these files for study. This message area was immensely helpful to me. It is absolutely packed with great techniques. Thanks again!!
  2. teknow

    OVDB vertex color

    What technique are you using to color the mesh? Some ways are more accurate than others.
  3. teknow

    Height Color

    Seems like this iteration is logical but it doesn't work: Height Color.c4d
  4. teknow

    Height Color

    I am trying to vary the color along the tentacles of the cell from green at the base on the cell to orange at the longest tentacles tips. So far nothing has worked. I saw in the Webinar how you can change the color depending on the height of a clone but this is not a cloner object. On the attached file how should I set up the Cycles nodes? Height Color.c4d
  5. Issue solved. I am glad we had this conversation.
  6. Got it! But is there any way to get rid of the jitter at the end? Cord Rig New xpDynamics.c4d
  7. Actually I am pulling a sutured tendon through a hole in tissue and then through a loop. Here is a revised file more specific to what I am doing. I would so rather do all the dynamics within X Particles but so far I can't make it work. Is this file possible within X Particles dynamics? Cord Rig New.c4d
  8. When I try to recreate this animation in X Particles using only X Particles dynamics I cannot. Is it possible to do this in X Particles? Cord Rig 1 Southpaw.c4d
  9. teknow

    Render Quality with Cycles 4D

    This might help you:
  10. teknow

    Render Quality with Cycles 4D

    How about an example file. I definitely get a lot of crashing but my render quality is good. I'd bet it is one of your setting or the Cycles4D material you have set up?
  11. teknow

    OVDB Mesher (Transfer Point Color)

    I stumbled onto this conversation via a Google search so I'm a tad late to the party. I noticed that following the reference manual for creating a Cycles4D material to use this technique gives terrible colors. The manual recommends using a Color Ramp Node but this produces colors which are way off. The Attribute Node (and creating this by just dragging your Color Vertex Tag into the Node Window) gives very accurate colors. See the attached file. To color your xpOVDBMesher this way is really handy. xpOVDBMesher Transfer Point Color.c4d
  12. teknow

    Fluid Sim

    I would recommend studying this file. Here the xpFlowField shapes the xpExplosiaFX and then particle advection carries the particles along. It works beautifully and you just need to emulate it precisely. You can learn a ton studying this file. XP4_Reel08_EFX_Fluid_Helix.c4d
  13. teknow

    Fluid Sim

    There are so many changes from the Content Repository file I think I don't know where to start. Your Gravity was 179 for example. My machine locks up on so many particles.
  14. teknow

    Fluid Sim

    I think I have tweaked every setting and still no joy. It is really interesting to use Emitter - Display - Modifier Field - Show Field. You can see from the forces that there is some kind of brick wall right where it stops. I am going to recreate your file and see if it reoccurs. You have a ton of plugins and complexities and maybe something is conflicting. Where is Lothar when you need him!
  15. teknow

    Imitter Instances Bug?

    Thank you! I was hoping there was a solution because it is such a powerful feature.