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    Tag Threads as Completed

    Hi, It seems like I can't edit any posts after a certain amount of time. I used to do it in other threads to tag as solved. Is there a way to do that in this forum? Much the same way like c4dcafe.com It's just a cleaner way to present the thread for future reference.
  2. Hi, Can someone confirm if Cycles4D Node Editor is unusable in the take system? Once I make a new take, I can no longer navigate through the CyC4D Node Editor. I'm using the latest release (Build 336) . Is there a way around this? Thank you for looking at my problem.
  3. @Deniz Thanks for the response. I don't encounter this with Redshift demo or Octane demo node editor. (i.e. I can still access the node editor even if it is on take mode). I'm also using a slighltly recent card, 1070ti Just sent a technical inquiry to the Insydium team. Will get back what is the issue.
  4. @Deniz Thanks for the response. I tried with a new project but the problem still persists: It works on the main take but not in the sub-takes after that. 😞 Did you modify take settings by any chance? The only thing I can think of to circumvent is to turn off the overall override settings, but that seems to defeat the purpose of using takes.
  5. bentraje

    Tag Threads as Completed

    Hi, Still looking for an answer. Thank you.
  6. Hi, For some reason, I see some evident banding of smooth surfaces. It seems like Cycles4D does not respect phong shading. You can see an illustration of the problem here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1xnmp0941zk1b0/c4d134_cycles_phong.jpg?dl=0 Is there a way around this? Thank you for looking at my problem.
  7. bentraje

    Cycles4D does not respect phong shading?

    @Dave Thanks for the pointing out. No, I don't use the sphere primitive but I guess the quote/documentation above still applies. I guess, the only solution is adding subd(as you mentioned). I just don't like doing it since it will take unnecessary memory. But since this is a limitation to the unbiased, it can't be helped. Thanks again! Have a great day ahead!
  8. Hi, Currently, Principled Shader parameters like sheen and roughness don't go beyond 1. I check with the Blender Cycles and it is possible to go beyond 1. Is there a way to un-limit this? I understand that this will result in non-PBR result, which is I am willing to accept. Thank you for looking at my problem
  9. bentraje

    flat Xptrails

    By flat, do you mean flat shaded like the default standard XP material (i.e. no cycles4D)? Directly, you can't since Cycles4D is a physically based material. As a workaround, you try using only an emissive material. That will give off its flat look.
  10. Hi, Is it possible to mimic what is happening in the viewport to the IPR/RT Preview? For instance, if I solo something on the viewport, only the solo object is only rendered in the RT Preview. Currently, I have to hide every object in manager just to trouble shot a single object. Is my query possible or is there a better way of doing things? Thank you for looking at my problem.
  11. bentraje

    Solo Mode in IPR/RT preview?

    @Deniz Thank's for the confirmation. Looking forward to it the next release. I really hope there is a "Limitation" section in product page. Just to save asking these questions. Again, thank you!
  12. Hi. Just want to confirm. There is no dropdown of AOV in the IPR for Cycles4D. Basically, to troubleshoot every passes during IPR renderer like other renderers such as Arnold and Redshift. Is this correct?
  13. bentraje

    Ability to add E-Cycles

    Yes, it sure is nice but I think its unlikely for it to be added to Cycles4D since the E-Cycles have different author (i.e. not from the Blender Foundation).
  14. bentraje

    Cycles doesn't work

    I'm using Cycles 336. R20.059. It works as expected. RE: my real time preview is not smooth anymore Screen shot maybe? RE: cycles is in the toolbar but when I click on it the menu it's empty. Probably the plug-in is not loaded. Happens to me when I block incoming/outgoing connection.
  15. Hi, Is there a way to have the cached particles behave like in Krakatoa? Which means 1) Access Cached Particles 2) Duplicate it 3) Randomize the position for a little bit 4) Output to a new cached particles 5) Repeat Of course, this means there will be millions of particles but I guess the viewport can handle it with the LOD function. Is this feature available in XP? Thank you
  16. Hi, Using another material as input to material nodes is normally the feature of Node Groups. Works well in the Blender Cycles. However, it somehow falls short in Cycles4D. Here's how: In Cycles4D, to be able to reference a node group as the input you need to: 1) Save it to an external file (.cyg) 2) Load it the external file back in. In the Blender Cycles, you can opt not to save it. Basically, the node group lives within the scene and you can add it willingly. Here's the kicker, In Cycles4D, if you change something in the node group, you need to save it again and load it. In Blender Cycles, if you change something, it propagates to other materials using the node group. I'm not sure about C4D architecture but I know this was also possible in Vray4C4D. So I'm guessing, it's also possible in Cycles4D. I'm just not sure how. Is there a way around this? Thank you.
  17. Gotcha. But for reference, it's possible in Vray4C4D and C4Dtoa. Anyhow,Thanks @Martin for the confirmation. Have a great day ahead!
  18. Hi @Martin Thanks for the response. I understand the usage of the groups. To clarify, here is my problem, as stated above: It is possible to have the Blender Cycles Node Group behavior in Cycles4D?
  19. bentraje

    Generate foam in water animation

    How about this one? It's basically a one click process.
  20. bentraje

    Fluids not working with small scenes

    Incredibly helpful. Thanks for the illustration @Mike !
  21. Hi, I tried the early access but its keeps crashing on me. Just wanted to ask if xpDynamics also have spline/hair dynamics? In the description and demonstration, it shows "Particle Based Dynamics solver for Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics." But still being hopeful. Can someone confirm? Thank you
  22. Interesting. At least something to look forward to. Thank you!
  23. Interesting. At least something to look forward to. Thank you!
  24. Is it possible to render based on time? For instance, force the render time to be only 4 minutes per frame.
  25. bentraje

    Is it possible to render based on time?

    Not possible based on the answer from the technical support