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  1. Hi, There are cases when I hide a portion of a geometry using the Polygon Selection Tag with the "Hide Polygons" command. It works on the native C4D viewport but it doesn't on the C4D RT preview (i.e. the hidden portion still renders) Is there a way around this? Thank you
  2. bentraje

    Spline Dynamics C4D vs X Particles

    The thing is there's not much info or users for the xparticles dynamics. Probably, there are in the discord but the problem is you can't reference them. So it's no go for people who are experiencing the same problem. I really hope they move discussions more in the forum rather than in discord. Discord is just good for one-off/simple solutions.
  3. bentraje

    displacement and bump

    You can also do render time subdivision/tesselation using the cyObject tag, which is actually the preferred workflow rather than doing the subdivision at real time.
  4. Hi, Is there a way I can have a random fall-off modifier per index throughout the timeline ? For instance, if there are 5 particles. I want a 50% chance that they will be affected by gravity. Currently, my problem is 1) The randomization is not per index. It's per world space (i.e. Randomize Field Falloff) 2) Eventually, everything will be affected by gravity since the randomization is performed per frame. For instance, if at Frame 1 it's not at random. More likely it will be in Frame 2. I wanted the random figure fixed at frame 1 and continued throughout the timeline. Is this possible? Thank you for looking at my problem. You can see an illustration of the problem below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h0bkyi4qvyrbivv/c4d176_xparticles_random_per_index.c4d?dl=0
  5. bentraje

    Random Fall-Off Modifier Per Index?

    Hi @Lothar Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, the data mapping is not quite I am after. With the data mapping, the resulting data would be Index Strength 0 0% 1 25% 2 50% 3 75% 4 100% What I wanted is a random data like this one Index Strength 0 0% 1 100% 2 100% 3 0% 4 100% 5 0% Is this possible?
  6. bentraje

    XP Dynamics set up

    Hi, Is there a new update on this? The main problem is there are intersections on a simple scene (like the one above. just a sphere breaking through the ground) that are not present on C4D's native fracture and rigid body dynamics. I have tried increasing the substeps, iterations and using with xpConstation, but still no avail. The file I used is the one uploaded by @Mike Batchelor. Thank you for looking at the problem.
  7. bentraje

    Animated noise texture

    RE: is it possible to animate Cycles' 4D noise texture? Hmm. Yes you can. It's bit cumbersome but I'm using expresso in this set-up. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i9489zcdjryy35q/c4d174_animated_texture_cycles4d.c4d?dl=0
  8. Hi, I'm trying to have a bunch of moth around a bulb. The file is from a Lynda Maya tutorial but I was wondering if I can do it in xParticles. The main problem is that they are staying at one place despite the fact that I have a turbulence and flock modifer. Here's the illustration video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xpsst02aq6ua1c5/c4d159_xparticles_moth_around_the_bulb.mp4?dl=0 Here's the illustration file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7gaps7eg5b1oma/c4d159_xparticles_moth_around_the_bulb.c4d?dl=0 Is there a way around this? Thank you for looking at my problem. Ben
  9. bentraje

    Moths around a Bulb?

    Support replied to my query: It solved the mystery.
  10. bentraje

    Very small scale and caching

    Not a direct solution but regarding this "Unfortunately because of the requirements of the scene, it is difficult to scale everything else up any further. " This doesn't have to be the case. You don't scale the objects manually via the object manager but through the Edit>Scale Project. You can scale up then after you are done with caching, you can scale back down.
  11. Hi, Is there a way I can use a native c4d rigid body with xpShatter? The reason is xpShatter with xpDynamics with Collision is terribly slow (or do you know any known optimization with it?). xpShatter with native Dynamics with collision runs almost real-time. However, with the latter set-up, I can no longer manipulate the particles affected by the native dynamics. So, is there a way to use Native C4D Rigid Body with xpShatter and still manipulate particles? Thank you for looking at my problem.
  12. @Lothar Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.
  13. Hi, I have this sphere with xpDynamics. There are also xpShatter with xpGravity in the scene. The sphere doesn't drop. But when I add a separate emitter. It does. Can someone confirm if xpShatter needs to have a separate emitter to be affected by xpDynamics? The reason is xpShatter with the separate emitter with collision is terribly slow. Are there any known alternative workflow? Thank you for looking at my problem.
  14. Hi, Is there a way to modify the right click menu of the Cycles4D Node Editor? I would like to list my commonly used nodes in the list. Thank you for looking at my problem.
  15. Hi @Martin Thanks for confirmation.
  16. bentraje

    Moths around a Bulb?

    @patremblay Thanks for the response. Yes, I have watched this previously. Unfortunately, it does not tackle the problem I am having.
  17. bentraje

    pile of particles

    RE: making the particles stay still like sand You can try a high friction parameter. Sand actually have a high friction value.
  18. Hi, I have a spline and a sphere with xpDynamics and an xpConstraint object in the scene. They collide but gives an unusual behavior (i.e. the sphere passes through the spline moments later). I also have high xParticles Dynamics settings but still no avail. You can see an illustration file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fmzi0jzju2hgcjm/c4d154_xparticles_spline_and_rigid_bodydynamics.c4d?dl=0 I tried adding an xpCollider tag to either one of them but I get unusual behavior. Is there a way around this? Thank you for looking at my problem.
  19. @Lothar Thanks for the confirmation. Just sent the file to Insydium trying to confirm if this is a limitation. Will get back to you as soon as they reply.
  20. Hi @Lothar Thanks for the files. Helps a lot for easy understanding. However, even though I increase the dynamics setting (say substeps to 10), the set-up is still unstable (i.e. some splines keeps jerking over a frame or two). Is this the limitation of particles based dynamics as opposed to the traditional bullet RBD system?
  21. bentraje

    Bubbles Coalescing

    I don't have concrete examples, but I got a glimpse of this tutorial back when I didn't have xParticles. One of the case studies the author discussed is how to dissolve a medicine on a bottle which includes producing different kind of bubbles. Might come in handy in your case.
  22. bentraje

    Great Text Effect

    Thanks for the share @teknow. Looks great. Just wondering, how would you go about it adding a displacement map on the generated object? For example, adding some details to make it like a brain.
  23. Hi, Is there a way to have proper spline dynamics with xParticles? Currently, with the two ends constrained, it produces a straight rather than a curve profile. See illustration image below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f2q5v9g7zf5y2a1/c4d153_xparticles_spline_dynamics.jpg?dl=0 You can check the illustration file below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u8wxn0d6c34ct9o/c4d152_dynamic_map_displacement.c4d?dl=0 Is there a way around this?
  24. bentraje

    Proper Spline Dynamics ?

    The low rigidity, constraints and substeps did the trick. Thanks for the help and file @Lothar Have a great day ahead! 🙂
  25. bentraje

    CyEnvironment is not showing HDR image

    @fealmeida76 That's really weird. I just a did a quick test and the hdri shows in the render. If the @narga's suggestion files, maybe just copy paste your objects and to a new scene. And try to render it there.