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  1. Hi, Is there a way to have the cached particles behave like in Krakatoa? Which means 1) Access Cached Particles 2) Duplicate it 3) Randomize the position for a little bit 4) Output to a new cached particles 5) Repeat Of course, this means there will be millions of particles but I guess the viewport can handle it with the LOD function. Is this feature available in XP? Thank you
  2. Gotcha. But for reference, it's possible in Vray4C4D and C4Dtoa. Anyhow,Thanks @Martin for the confirmation. Have a great day ahead!
  3. Hi @Martin Thanks for the response. I understand the usage of the groups. To clarify, here is my problem, as stated above: It is possible to have the Blender Cycles Node Group behavior in Cycles4D?
  4. bentraje

    Generate foam in water animation

    How about this one? It's basically a one click process.
  5. bentraje

    Fluids not working with small scenes

    Incredibly helpful. Thanks for the illustration @Mike !
  6. Interesting. At least something to look forward to. Thank you!
  7. Interesting. At least something to look forward to. Thank you!
  8. Hi, I tried the early access but its keeps crashing on me. Just wanted to ask if xpDynamics also have spline/hair dynamics? In the description and demonstration, it shows "Particle Based Dynamics solver for Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics." But still being hopeful. Can someone confirm? Thank you
  9. bentraje

    Is it possible to render based on time?

    Not possible based on the answer from the technical support
  10. bentraje

    Morphing of camera

    Works on my end. Be sure that you are rendering on the proper viewport (i.e. Use as Render View is enabled),which is on my default if you have only one viewport.
  11. Hi @Mike Batchelor I understand. Thanks for the response. Hopefully, someone can chime in that has them for safe keeping.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to recreate the xParticles Advert 2017. You can see a reference video attached in this video. With my attempt, I tried using 1) xpCellAuto - for the random emitter behavior 2) xpPPCollission - for them to collide upon emitting 3) xpConstraints - to keep them together. It works good on (1), but when I stack (2) and (3), they start to separate. I guess, in essence, I'm looking for the Follow Position/Rotation parameter in the native C4D Rigid Body tag. Or some equivalent. Thank you for looking at my problem. INSYDIUM LTD Advert 2017 - X-Particles & Cycles 4D.mp4 36_advert_2017.c4d
  13. Based on the description, FluidFX and xpDomain is both used for medium and large scale simulation. May I ask what is the proper workflow for an enclosed space? Is it with: (1) xpDomain only or (2) xpFluidFX with a Cube set to xpCollider? Thank you for looking at my problem.
  14. bentraje

    FLIP Tank option?

    Hi @Mike Batchelor. Thanks for the response. Yes, the xpDomain is a FLIP solver. What I am after is when you add the FLIP tank (in this case xpDomain), is to set the sea level (or equivalent) rather than filling the xpDomain manually with emitter. As pointed out above, one of the problems of this is: "The problem with this, among others, is when you increase particle count, you also need to adjust the radius for it to maintain the same volume/shape. "
  15. Hi, by any chance, do you have copies on the old xp projects? See attached file for reference: