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  1. Thanks for the confirmation and the illustration file. Works as expected.
  2. Hi @Steve Pedler Thanks for the response works as expected. RE: NB. Not sure what this means RE: please don't upload files to dropbox Is it possible to continue uploading them in dropbox? I have a lot of questions not only on Xparticles/Cy4D and the dropbox keeps them all in tact. That's why they are numbered.
  3. @teknow Thanks for the response. I checked the files but I think it's not what I'm looking for. The color groups remained at one color throughout the timeline. If it was affected, I'm guessing it should turn form blue to yellow or vice versa.
  4. Hi, Is there a way to have "All Polygons" and "Nearest Surface Point" Operation for xpCover? More details on the image attached You can check the illustration file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9fabv38o1voibmx/c4d240_xpcover_operation_all_poly_nearest_surface.c4d?dl=0 Regards, Ben
  5. Hi, For some reason, my particles snap to the xpCover object when they get near to it. I tried adding xpDrag but it still snaps. Is there a way around this? You can check the illustration file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i9ikyt23hvgqbyw/c4d239_particles_snap_xpcover.c4d?dl=0 c4d239_particles_snap_xpCover.mp4
  6. Not really have any useful inputs but just have to say that's really an interesting set-up @Lothar. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Hi, Is there a way I can change the particle color when affected by a modifier? For instance, by default it is green. I want it to change to red when it is affected by the wind modifier. I tried the Action Object>Editor Display but it doesn't work as expected. You can check the illustration problem here: c4d237_change_particle_color_when_affected_by_modifier.c4d
  8. Hi, Is there a render diagnostics/log when rendering in Cycles4D? I seem to have an overhead of 1 min per frame. That said, even if resolution is just 100x100, it takes 1 min per frame to load up and actual 3 seconds to render the frame. No, I don't have any displacement in my scene. Just want to have clear cut answer or any alternative Is there a render diagnostics/log when rendering in Cycles4D? Regards, Ben
  9. From the Technical Support. It works.
  10. Hi, How do I use the Substance Shader (.sbsar) files in Cycles4D? I'm not referring to the individual substance texture files (i.e PNG/JPG/TIFF) but rather the .SBSAR files imported through Extensions>Substance Engine>Load Substance Regards, Ben
  11. Hi, How do I get the principled hair BSDF to be affected more by color? Currently, the result is too dark. It should be blue-green. Same as the old hair BSDF. You can check the illustration file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s9sdzcgtl2l56mv/c4d236_more_color_on_principled_hair_bsdf.c4d?dl=0 Regards, Ben
  12. bentraje

    Integrator Samples vs Light Paths & Ray Depths

    This will help
  13. bentraje

    Iclude / Exclude Objects + Anti-Alias

    Same sentiment with @Bucktooth_Raven. Has this changed with recent updates to Cy4D? I badly need to exclude light from illuminating a specific object
  14. There is already a dedicated R21 version for Octane. You'd be better off using that.
  15. @Steve Pedler Thanks for the response. Yes, the collapsing and "Hide Unused Socket" does help. But it would be nice if it was also streamlined such as assigning a shortcut where hitting 1 is compact, 2 hide unused nodes and 3 full view like in Maya nodes. Or if its not possible, maybe the same with xpresso where even if its compact/collapse you can still connect ports if you hover in the input socket and it lists all possible possible inputs.