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  1. bentraje

    Random Textures in same Material?

    @leles275 In the Object Info Node, you have parameters such as "Object ID" and "Random" that can be plugged into a factor of any mix node.
  2. bentraje

    Un-limit Principled Shader Parameters?

    Unlimit also the V value from HSV please? Currently, it is capped at 100%. Can we go beyond that?
  3. Hi, Is there an option to take initial velocity for the emitter source? You can see a demonstration of this effect below (in Blender). One with velocity turned on and another turned of. I believe TFD also has a similar setting. https://www.dropbox.com/s/agdepqkskelxb2o/c4d260_xplosia_initial_velocity_from_emitter.mp4?dl=0 Regards, Ben
  4. bentraje

    What happened to the Custom Tag - Tag?

    Hi @Mike Cahill The "custom tag" is still there. You just need to click the dropdown arrow next to the parameter name. By default it is collapse.
  5. Hi, In Blender, Image Texture Node has 7 options In Cycles4D, Image Texture Node only has 2. I need the "Linear" Color Space. It's the main reason why my normals doesn't look the way it is supposed to. Correct me if I'm wrong "Non-Color Data" is different from "Linear" space. Is there a workaround on this? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ifx35jcut1wr617/c4d259_cy4d_linear_color_space.jpg?dl=0 Regards, Ben
  6. Reply by @JasonPoley
  7. Hi, Is there a way to adjust the texture viewport on Cycles4D? Currently, it is too dark. You can see the illustration of the problem here where I specifically set to isolate the "color" parameter. That should be more or less the color in the viewport. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7errth4yjpmg10k/c4d257_cycles4d_texture_viewport_is_too_dark.mp4?dl=0 Regards, Ben
  8. Hi, Is there a way I can prevent caching of "Display Tab" of the Particles? Specifically, with the color mode and particle color. The main reason is after caching I want to experiment rendering with different colors mode on. With the Color Mode cache, I am stuck with the color mode/particle color at the time of caching. Regards, Ben
  9. Hi, Anyone have an idea how to composite the "Motion Blur" pass? Cycles4D outputs it as black and white. Shouldn't it be Greed/Red color pass? Thank you
  10. bentraje

    Can Cycles render an object as a solid?

    Hi @Chadman2672 I'm afraid I run out of solution. BTW, just a heads up, being an unbiased renderer, Cycles doesn't necessarily have "cheating" flexibility compared to Redshift (biased render). For example, a simple exclusion where a Light A is present and Obj A is lit but Obj B is not lit - is not possible. Both in Cycles Blender and Cycles4D, as far as I know.
  11. bentraje

    Ability to Edit Initial Post?

    Hi, Is there a way to edit my initial post of a thread? It seems like it is set in stone once I click submit. Regards, Ben
  12. Hi, It would be nice to optimize the video content on the documentation page. For instance, this http://docs.x-particles.net/html/fsplinehandle.php page. The first clip is 5 sec (with 400x400) but it has the size of 4.6mb. For comparison, a 1 minute equivalent would be roughly 60mb. That's too much for 400x400 video. The same goes for the thumbnail on the maintenance videos (in the official site) also has an unnecessary file size (i.e. 5mb for a thumbnail). Regards, Ben
  13. bentraje

    Can Cycles render an object as a solid?

    Hi @Chadman2672 I'm not sure if you get the same result but for the 1) Display Tag 50%. You can just Mix the Transparent Shader with 50% factor 2) Seen by Transparency Unchecked. This would be the cyObject tag with the Transmission Unchecked. You have to recreate the materials though in Cycles4D materials.