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  1. Namako

    Help - Dynamic objects intersect

    I`ve got the same problem. Did you find a solution? Best regards namako
  2. Hello, why doesn`t the particles follow the spline? Best regards Follow-Spline-Test-20190613.c4d
  3. Namako


    Hello, I try to recreate the efx_fluid scene (content-repository) which use the xpFlowField with a Helix with my own spline but it doesn`t work. Can someone tell me what I do wrong? Thanks Best regards xp-FlowField-test-20190613.c4d
  4. Great. Thank you very much!
  5. Hi, how can I set up the emitter to stick particles on a object over a specific time and then use the xpCover Modifier to let them fly to an other object? Best regards
  6. That`s cool. Very useful. Thank you!!
  7. Namako

    Emit from Edges SOLVED

    Nice trick 🙂 Thank you very much!!
  8. Hi, is it possible to emit particles horizontally from edges like shown in the picture (c4d-file attached) Best regards emit-plane.c4d
  9. Hi, my xpSystem emits Particles from a texture (stick Particle) as seen in the picture. That`s fine. Now I want to create a falloff to the emission, I want the particles emit from the center to the outwards. Animating the falloff in the Object Properties Tab does not work, I think it wokrs onliy for Objects not Textures. How could I create this effect? Best regards
  10. Namako

    XP Network

    Ok. Thank you
  11. Namako

    XP Network

    Hi, is it possible to drive the xpNetwork Modifier without intersections of the trails? Want to create something similar to the thick red lines of the attached example. Best regards
  12. Namako

    What should i do?

    For free?
  13. Namako

    Falloff Linear Field SOLVED

    Fantastic. Thank you.
  14. Hello, I try to rebuild this tutorial but the ChangGroup effect with the linear field falloff don´t work for me. Don`t understand why it`s not changeing the groups. Any Idea? xp-changegroups.c4d
  15. Namako

    Fill up an Object

    Ok. So to create a situation like in screenshot_6 is not possible with x-particles?