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  1. Namako

    Fill up an Object

    Ok. So to create a situation like in screenshot_6 is not possible with x-particles?
  2. Namako

    Fill up an Object

    Hi Lothar, a question is still unanswered. How to get rid of this intersections as seen in the Screenshot? I´ve tried the xpCirclePacker but no effect. Best regards
  3. Namako

    Fill up an Object

    Thank you very much for this example. A good point to start!
  4. Namako


    Hi, how to get rid off this intersections? I´ve activate "No intersection" but the objects still intersect. Best regards
  5. Namako

    Fill up an Object

    Thank you Lothar. That was important. Did you/anyone try to fill up a huge cylinder (500cm) with 4cm Balls in between 2 sec. ?
  6. Hi everyone, what mistakes should one avoid so that the particles do not pass through objects that one wants to fill? I saw the Video about xpPPCollisions Dynamics and Collider but a lot of my Particles run through my cube. Best regards Namako