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  1. Hi, I m looking to build a new computer. just wondering if any X-particle user out there are using Threadripper 3960x on their rig and see how the performance is in simulation and viewport. Thanks!
  2. Submitted, look forward to a new beta version in the near future :)
  3. Hi Nathan, I am on a Window10 i7-3930k w/32 gigs of ram w/ nvidia 1080 (Driver version 441.87). I am back on the latest build of X-particle (X-Particles_742) and everything works fine. Let me know if you need any other info. Thanks!
  4. Hi, Just creating XPExplosia in Beta (X-Particles_824) causes C4d to hang and not responding. I had repeated it several time with and without an XP system. Please advise. Hope that helps, I will revert back to the latest build. Thanks!
  5. hoic

    Question about XPScale

    I was hoping it will keep the same emitter various radius but this will work for now. Thank you!
  6. Hi, How do I get XPScale to scale the particle in time but maintain the different radius from the emitter? I try using spline with particle radius and scale and no luck. I had a attach a scene, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you! XpScale.c4d