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  1. LukeLetellier

    Any Success with R21 & Deadline Render?

    Oh - did you guys install XP in the special Command Line C4D Preferences folder in addition to the standard C4D preferences folder? R21 started this weird thing where once you launched the Command Line renderer for the first time, it creates a new preferences folder just for the Command Line (it has an "_x" appended to the end of the folder name). We had to add the XP plugin folder into there as well in order for Deadline to see/render. This is what made the whole shebang so frustrating for us, as there were two issues going on at the same time - which created a complicated mess of symptoms.
  2. LukeLetellier

    Any Success with R21 & Deadline Render?

    Hey C, Just to clarify - If you go onto one of those other machines, can you open up that particular scene file in located on Z and have the particles appear in C4D GUI? Are all the machines on the same version of XP? We had issues before where the particles were cached on one version of XP and didn't render on another version. Could you share a screenshot of the Deadline logs for one of those renders (the screenshots are easier to read through because of the color coding vs. copy/paste text). I highly doubt there would be anything unique in there, but it's worth a shot. --Luke
  3. LukeLetellier

    Any Success with R21 & Deadline Render?

    Hey Sean, Our solution was to store external caches on our shared network drive, and instead of using a relative path to the new cache location, we make it absolute. This seems to work. But internal caches do not work on Deadline/R21, nor do external caches with relative paths. Hope that helps!
  4. Has anyone had success with R21, Deadline Render, and XP Caches? Here at Mad Microbe we found a workflow that appears to be good for R20, but we're in the process of (finally) switching to R21, and our XP caches aren't rendering with R21 & Deadline. We can do a Team Render to Picture viewer with R21 - and that works great. But once we plop it up on Deadline the caches (internal or external) fail - and it's one of a few things keeping us from adopting R21. I'm just curious if anyone has experienced this, or if they have had success. Thanks! Luke
  5. LukeLetellier

    Convert Cached Particles Format SOLVED

    Never mind, I figured it out. It's caching right now, so I'll try to recount it from memory: -Create a new emitter, give it a new name. - Go to Emitter Shape, choose instance, and drop the older emitter into the slot that becomes available. - Create a new cache object, place the old Emitter into the appropriate "Exclude" tab - Create a new cache tag on the new emitter, and reference the new cache object into the appropriate slot - Adjust your new cache object as needed, and cache away. It's still a bit slow to re-cache; ~ 7 seconds per frame for a few million particles., even on an SSD. Then in Houdini I have to reconvert the bgeo sequence to bgeo.sc files, which are half the size. I'm running that process at the same time, and it's taking less than 1 second per frame.
  6. Hello, I have a large XP cache that I'd like to convert to a BGEO sequence without resimulating. I can't seem to find any information about this online. Is it possible to do? Thanks, Luke