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  1. Mario Tran Phuc

    Kung Fire

    Hey together, I´m re-posting this over here as the old forum content can´t be accessed anymore. Here an approach to create stylized flames inspired by the animated movie Kung Fu Panda. Kung Fire_04_audio.mp4 This solution uses particle geometry to create alpha mattes in the shape of fire. The look arises combining multiple variations in compositing. So it is basically a 3D to 2,5 D approach. You can find the scene file over here. It should work across all XP versions and renderer engines. Kung-Fire_Scene_InsydiumLTD.c4d Cheers, Mario
  2. Mario Tran Phuc

    Physical Sky Preset

    Hey chaps, I´ve created a little sun & sky preset that dynamically changes direction and color temperature based on the light position. Download: Cycles4D_Physical-Sky-Rig_2019.c4d Here the runthrough: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NeQIRP_L983QFCDgQRLNz6TJjqeptzC9 Feel free to use and modify it to your own needs. Hope you like it. Cheers, Mario
  3. Mario Tran Phuc

    1080ti VS 2080ti

    It will definitely boost your preview and render performance. I don´t have a 1080ti but one 2080ti is faster then 3x 980tis over here.
  4. Cycles 4D Early Access now enables the "Point Density Texture" to automatically recognize X-Particles Explosia FX by applying the shader. This enables to quickly switch between Cycles 4D EFX Volume presets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n-LRrU3zLs Here the testfile: Cy4D_02_Explosia_Native_Support_0001.c4d Cheers, Mario
  5. Mario Tran Phuc

    Long preparation for the render

    Hi, I recommend to cache the particles before rendering to reduce preparation time and also prevent from different results. Cheers, Mario
  6. Mario Tran Phuc

    render xp cloth octane

    Hi Dino, we recommend to cache your cloth sim or export the geometry as Alembic to get the same results when rendering with the picture viewer. Cheers, Mario
  7. Mario Tran Phuc

    ClothFX following a path/spline SOLVED

    Hi, try the xpFlowfield. It will create a velocity field to move your cloth along the spline direction. Cheers, Mario
  8. Hi, yes the priority within C4D causes the particles to stick one frame behind. To fix that I recommend to simply cache the emitter and offset the sim for one frame: Cheers, Mario
  9. Mario Tran Phuc

    Fiber Optics SOLVED

    Hi, try using xpFlowfield, xpTrails and Cycles 4D for rendering. Cheers, Mario
  10. Mario Tran Phuc

    XP4 with Corona?

    Hi, unfortunately we don´t know much about X-Particles support within Corona. Please contact the Corona support for questions related to that topic. Other third-party renderer like Arnold or Octane are using our SDK to support our features which is freely available from our download section: https://insydium.ltd/community/downloads/ Cheers, Mario
  11. Mario Tran Phuc

    Retime cached particle simulation SOLVED

    Hi, you can precisely retime the cache using the manual frame option: Check out this quick guide over here at min 37: Cheers, Mario
  12. Mario Tran Phuc

    content repository

    Glad you found them. For those who are still looking for them the corresponding example files from IBC 2017 are these: https://insydium.ltd/community/content-repository/ Cheers, Mario
  13. Mario Tran Phuc

    cyInstance follow Normals SOLVED

    Hi Alvaro, you can basically use the xpFollowSurface and enable Up-Vector in the xpEmitter Extended Data tab: Here a quicktip: Cheers, Mario
  14. Hi Atif, to load a cachefile in a new scene the emitters and generators need to be named like the cached folders/files where your cache files are stored. Here an example: Cheers, Mario
  15. Mario Tran Phuc

    xpTrail scale SOLVED

    Hi Alvaro, try to uncheck the "Set Thickness" checkbox as it overwrites the incoming particle radius info. In the xpTrail set the Thickness Mode to "Use Radius" and it should work fine: Cheers, Mario
  16. Mario Tran Phuc

    emit from texture with color shader SOLVED

    Hi, the mograph color shader is not supported by texture emission as it is an on rendertime shader and therefore not seen by X-Particles. Try the "Emit Form Object Color" mode instead: Cheers, Mario
  17. Mario Tran Phuc

    Creating "sticky" Particles (Video, examples inside).

    Hi Brandon, i think the best way to do this would be using the change group modifier: Workflow: - Create a Spline for your particle direction and use it as input for xpFlowfield - Create two Particle Groups: First Group assigned to FlowField and Turbulence, Second Group to a Gravity - Create two Tubes from the Spline with Collider tags assigned to your groups with different friction values - Use xpChangeGroup with a falloff to control the particles that will stick to your geo Here an example setup: ChangeGroup_within_Tube.c4d Concerning Explosia within enclosed objects you basically need to build a shell of EFX Colliders around your model if the model is not made of seperate parts already.. Explosia will treat these as volumetric vector fields. Also highpoly models will be very slow in EFX therefore i recommend to use simple primitives as colliders. Here an example: EFX_Collider.c4d Cheers, Mario
  18. Mario Tran Phuc

    x-particles parametric worm setup

    Very nice setup @andredeyoung. Big thanks for sharing! Cheers, Mario