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  1. Mario Tran Phuc

    xpOVDBMesher polygons

    Hi, a quick and very solid solution to smooth out OVDB meshes besides of filtering is adding a "Smoothing" object: Best, Mario
  2. Mario Tran Phuc

    Retime xpExplosia

    Hi Jakob, have you tried animating the ExplosiaFX "Sim Speed" parameter yet? It allows speedramping very well. In this presentation we cover two ways of retiminging for ExplosiaFX sims, it might be helpful for your task: Best, Mario
  3. Mario Tran Phuc

    Retiming Cached Cloth Sim

    An exception to this limitation would be using xpDynamics instead of xpCloth. The verticies are following the particle movement even after caching ,so retiming the cache also interpolates the softbody movement. xpDynamics_Cloth.c4d Cheers, Mario
  4. Mario Tran Phuc

    Retiming Cached Cloth Sim

    Hi, geometric generators like xpCloth, xpOVDBMesher and xpGenerator are cached frame based. The retiming interpolation only works on particles. For xpCloth I recommend to export the sim as Alembic. The retiming options there are able to interpolate the sim without frame stepping. Cheers, Mario
  5. Mario Tran Phuc

    diamonds material

    Hi, in the Cycles 4D shader presets you can find a "Glass Dispersion" shader that provides a few options to control refractive dispersion: After setting the IOR to 2.418 you can play with the Dispersion: In the rendersettings you´ll need to raise the Max Ray Bounces to have enough bounces within the geometry. This render was made using the Glass Dispersion shader: Cheers, Mario
  6. Mario Tran Phuc

    ClothFX following a path/spline SOLVED

    Could you provide your scenefile so we can have a look?
  7. Mario Tran Phuc


    Hi, try enabling "Editable" in the xpEmitter Editing tab. It should allow the Voronoi Fracture object to recognize the particles as source. To your second question. The Thinking Particles feature only provides position, speed and lifespan data. Attributes like color need to be set in the TP settings. I would recommend to use the xpGenerator instead of Thinking particles. If you set the "Scale Using" to "Particle Scale" it should provide all available scale data to the generated clones. Generator_Scale_Fracture.c4d Kind Regards, Mario
  8. Mario Tran Phuc

    constraints break problem ... recreating plexus

    Hi, in your scene the xpKill mod is causing the connections to break as it erases particles. To avoid that you could set the xpKill to only trigger at the first frame: Kind Regards, Mario
  9. Mario Tran Phuc

    Fluid PDB vs Fluid FX vs FLIP Domain

    Hi, it mainly depends on your scene scale and the look you want to achieve. My tool of choice is FluidFX as it is very well able to create small-scale and large scale liquids combined with xpFoam. Unlike the Flip Domain it is not limited to any boundary box and it also works very well with the new xpSheeter to create thin sheets. Have a look at the homepage and hover over those gifs, you can see the differences quite well and all examples on the page below are created with FluidFX: https://insydium.ltd/products/x-particles/fluids-and-grains/ Cheers, Mario
  10. Mario Tran Phuc

    Kung Fire

    Hey together, I´m re-posting this over here as the old forum content can´t be accessed anymore. Here an approach to create stylized flames inspired by the animated movie Kung Fu Panda. Kung Fire_04_audio.mp4 This solution uses particle geometry to create alpha mattes in the shape of fire. The look arises combining multiple variations in compositing. So it is basically a 3D to 2,5 D approach. You can find the scene file over here. It should work across all XP versions and renderer engines. Kung-Fire_Scene_InsydiumLTD.c4d Cheers, Mario
  11. Mario Tran Phuc

    1080ti VS 2080ti

    It will definitely boost your preview and render performance. I don´t have a 1080ti but one 2080ti is faster then 3x 980tis over here.
  12. Cycles 4D Early Access now enables the "Point Density Texture" to automatically recognize X-Particles Explosia FX by applying the shader. This enables to quickly switch between Cycles 4D EFX Volume presets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n-LRrU3zLs Here the testfile: Cy4D_02_Explosia_Native_Support_0001.c4d Cheers, Mario
  13. Mario Tran Phuc

    Long preparation for the render

    Hi, I recommend to cache the particles before rendering to reduce preparation time and also prevent from different results. Cheers, Mario
  14. Mario Tran Phuc

    Physical Sky Preset

    Hey chaps, I´ve created a little sun & sky preset that dynamically changes direction and color temperature based on the light position. Download: Cycles4D_Physical-Sky-Rig_2019.c4d Here the runthrough: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NeQIRP_L983QFCDgQRLNz6TJjqeptzC9 Feel free to use and modify it to your own needs. Hope you like it. Cheers, Mario
  15. Mario Tran Phuc

    render xp cloth octane

    Hi Dino, we recommend to cache your cloth sim or export the geometry as Alembic to get the same results when rendering with the picture viewer. Cheers, Mario