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  1. bachmann

    Render Quality with Cycles 4D

    Bump 🙂 I always seem to get this problem again when working with fire especially.
  2. bachmann

    xpDynamics simulation not rendering

    Thanks for your reply Lothar! This fixed the problem in this scene, however I'm still running into this rendering problem in my original scene. I've isolated the problem to having something to do with the xpCache and my model. It's a C4D Volume Mesher model with 23313 points. I tried replacing my object with a cube primitive and caching the xpDynamics there and the problem was gone. I've tried external and internal caches with no difference so simply caching the dynamics simulation is what seems to be interfering with the renderer being able to read the dynamic data. No matter where in the timeline I start rendering it doesn't start from the beginning instead only renders the exact frame I'm on multiple times. Here is a stripped down version of my scene with xpCache baked internally to the file. Would love to know if the problem persists with you guys. pill_xpdynamics_troubleshoot3.c4d
  3. bachmann

    xpDynamics simulation not rendering

    xpDynamics_Troubleshoot_v2_Standard.mp4 xpDynamics_Troubleshoot_v2_Hardware.mp4 xpDynamics_Troubleshoot_v2.c4d Sorry for double posting. But here is an example that maybe illustrated better what my problem is. So the dynamic object is just stuck on frame 1 but everything else renders fine.
  4. Hi guys. Ok so I've tried everything now and searched for solutions everywhere. I just cannot seem to be able to render the animation of an object with an xpDynamics tag. At first I thought it was an octane problem but now I can see it's the same with Cycles4D and even Standard renderer. I've recreated the problem as simple as possible and same thing happens. Viewport and Live Viewers can see each frame of the animation but as soon as I send to picture viewer it only renders one frame of the dynamics multiple times. Here's an example scene along with an example render from the Hardware Renderer. I'm using R20 and no renderer seems to be able to render the animation of the xpDynamics tag object. xpDynamics Hardware Render.mp4 xpDynamics_Troubleshoot.c4d