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  1. Hi, please look in my attached scene file. My problem: When I use to less subframe steps, the particles generated by the sphere will penetrate the slide object, when I increase the subframe steps the particles will explode in all directions an penetrate the unvisible cylinder, which I use to control the sphere not to leave the slide in case of speed. The p-p-collision is for avoid the particles to intersect while rolling down. Thanks for help. Cyber-Steve Rutsche.c4d
  2. Cyber-Steve

    exPlosiaFX Weak Viewport Performance

    Hi Maketheleft, do you mean the ransom protection of Acronis ? I´ve time problems with ExplosiaFX, too.
  3. Cyber-Steve

    Extremely slow computation of caching

    Hi Mike, here my file. Fire.c4d
  4. Cyber-Steve

    How can I participate in the Early Access

    Hi Mohamed, thanks for your help.
  5. Cyber-Steve

    Extremely slow computation of caching

    Wow, I have never seen a forum where as little is answered as here. Although I look at the other threads ... many read here but no one answers. Pity
  6. Cyber-Steve

    Extremely slow computation of caching

    I noticed that if I let ExplosiaFX generate directly in the cache, the computation time is extremely higher than if I run the process live on the editor window. This is extremely annoying and totally stops at creative processes. At first I thought that was due to the cache processes, but I am writing to an SSD and the data is only a few hundred kilobytes in size, so it can not be. Why is that? This leads me to the next question, when X-Particles is taught to expect synonymous with the GPUs. The competition (Realflow, TurbulenceFD, Houdini) make it clear how it works. Large amounts of particles are not exactly the strength of X particles. best regards Cyber Steve
  7. Hello everybody, I'm new here in the forum, so first of all a hello to all. My first question: How can I participate in the Early Access for Cycles 4D? I have a valid maintenance contract for XP and Cycle4D. On the description page is something of "my Dowload ID" ... what is it and where do I find it? In my C4D program settings, I found only one hook for participation ... which, however, seems to have no effect on its own. Thank you for your help in advance. Cyber-Steve