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  1. Hey guys, I don't know if this is just me being dumb or me not understanding X-Particles as a whole, but I've got an issue with texture projection. I want to apply a mud texture on particles that represent... mud. Simple enough. The problem is that when the particles are moving, the texture doesn't move. It's like it's being projected with fixed coordinates. To better illustrate this, I slapped another texture on my "mud" and made a quick GIF. See below. Would there be any way for the mud texture (or any texture) to actually be visually "attached" to the particles? How would I tackle something like this? Or am I just asking for the impossible? (strangely enough I just realized I have a similar issue on the red cloak, but that's an entirely different issue and I can resolve it quickly). Thanks a ton!
  2. Justin

    FluidFX - Follow container's movements

    Figured it out. In the Emitter's "Emission" tab, there's a "Motion Inheritance" sub-tab. Saw it 100 times, never bothered to look into it. Just go to it and check "Use Motion Inheritance". Yay!
  3. Hey guys, I have the a Null group that is animated on its Z axis. It contains : - An Emitter (Emission mode : Shot) - A FluidFX Object - A Cube with a Collider tag that has its "Normals" set to "Inside" (i.e. traps the fluids inside of it) By frame 5 the fluid particles are laying on the floor, not moving. All works as intended. Problem : The particles from my FluidFX do not move along with the Null's animation. Only the Emitter and the Cube (fluid container) do. The fluid particles' position seems fixed. This makes it so that once the end of the Cube reaches the fluid particles, they start being "shoved around" by their container. Question : How do I avoid this? Is there any way I can have the fluid particles move along on the Z axis with the Null group parent? Thanks a ton!
  4. Justin

    Cloth on each particle

    Hey Mike! Thanks for replying, much appreciated. Best way I can describe it is: let's say I have 100 particles (spheres geometry through a Generator) stuck on the Emitter disk, and over the course of 1000 frames, random spheres fall down in a Vortex motion. That's pretty much it. Goal : I want a piece of cloth to wrap around (envelope) each sphere as it falls down. The piece of cloth would be approximately 2 times the scale of the sphere. Tell me if this makes more sense. Thank you!
  5. Justin

    Cloth on each particle

    Hey guys! Quick one; is it technically possible to assign 1 piece of cloth to every particle (let's say, a sphere) in my simulation? My goal would be to have every sphere have 1 piece of cloth pinned to it, so I can have the cloth move based on the movements of the sphere. Kind of like a trail, but more sophisticated I guess. If not possible, I feel like I'd have to export my simulation as an Alembic to Marvelous Designer and assign a tiny piece of cloth to every single sphere, but this feels like an incredibly messy and non-efficient approach. Could you guys think of another approach? Any insight/info is much, much appreciated. Thanks a ton! 🙂