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  1. Justin

    Cloth on each particle

    Hey Mike! Thanks for replying, much appreciated. Best way I can describe it is: let's say I have 100 particles (spheres geometry through a Generator) stuck on the Emitter disk, and over the course of 1000 frames, random spheres fall down in a Vortex motion. That's pretty much it. Goal : I want a piece of cloth to wrap around (envelope) each sphere as it falls down. The piece of cloth would be approximately 2 times the scale of the sphere. Tell me if this makes more sense. Thank you!
  2. Justin

    Cloth on each particle

    Hey guys! Quick one; is it technically possible to assign 1 piece of cloth to every particle (let's say, a sphere) in my simulation? My goal would be to have every sphere have 1 piece of cloth pinned to it, so I can have the cloth move based on the movements of the sphere. Kind of like a trail, but more sophisticated I guess. If not possible, I feel like I'd have to export my simulation as an Alembic to Marvelous Designer and assign a tiny piece of cloth to every single sphere, but this feels like an incredibly messy and non-efficient approach. Could you guys think of another approach? Any insight/info is much, much appreciated. Thanks a ton! 🙂