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  1. esegabbo

    Future of GPU Acceleration (Mac)

    Hi, quick question. I am using Mac and have an egpu for the time being. Is there a way to render with ProRender a xparticles + cycles 4d scene? Its taking me forever, and don´t see an end in sight. Thanks, g.
  2. esegabbo

    Generate foam in water animation

    Oh great! Thanks a lot will look into it right now! best
  3. Hi everybody, I was wondering which steps are necessary to create foam on moving liquid, like that of the sea or river. Could anybody walk me through? Thanks!
  4. Yeah.... i did that (duh), in the Object not in the cyEnvironment . Thanks !
  5. Hi, I have a white cyEnvironment to light my composition and have applied the cyObject tag and unchecked Camera in order not be seen by it, and I am still getting a white background in my composition. What am I missing? Thanks!
  6. Wow thank you so much for your time in answering and helping me!! This is very helpful, and nicely explained! Best!
  7. Hi Lothar, thank you so much for your response and insight. My setup is based on the the Tutorial "Surface Advection - Content Repository Tutorials 2019" in youtube. From that setup, I want to be able to limit the advection to the white areas of my image. The recommendation of @Mike Batchelor "make an emitter that emits from a object with the material and set the emission to texture.", unfortunately with my limited experience is still quite difficult since I do need more information. I understand how to and am able to emit particles from an image (texture), yet I cant get my head around how to integrate this concept into the setup as followed by the tutorial and have the particles advected only in the white sections of the provided image. I must confess it is very hard for me to follow what you have explained. I will correct the image as you have suggested and try to work with that and experiment until it works with my current setup. Suggestions welcome 😃 Thanks!
  8. Hi! I was unable to emit from the material as specified. Could you be a little more specific. (Bare with me, please) Because if I create a new emitter, how do I tell XP to advect from that pattern? I understand how to emit from a texture, yet in this case, I dont know how to connect it to the other two emitters. Please see attached image or project file. Note the names in the project: object emitter, Texture emitter. SURFACE ADVECTION-3-V2.c4d
  9. Great, will try that! Thanks!
  10. Hi everybody, I was following the tutorial "Surface Advection - Content Repository Tutorials 2019" (great tutorial by the way!) on you youtube channel and wanted to advect particles only in some areas. For example, if I have a PNG image with a series of shapes or a logo if you will, I would want the inside of the shape -white or black (see image)- to be advected and not the remaining part of the plane. How could this be achieved? How can I use an image as a limiter of where the advection takes place? Thanks for the help (Im pretty new so bare with me.) Thanks! g.
  11. esegabbo


    Will try! Wil get back ay you. Thank for the response!
  12. Hi, I was following this tutorial at 3:10, and am trying to use cycles4d for the material of the tracer object, and cant get it to work. Need help, new user. Thanks and