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  1. Hey, I ask for a little help here. Just bought a fresh copy of xp and cycles4d. And I'm encountering a problem with the cycled4d RTP refreshing and node editor lag/stuttering. Whenever I do anything with material nodes whole app hungs up for a 2-8 seconds (depending on material complexity) mesh is not too heavy 600k polys. Cpu is even slower than gpu(count does not matter). Here I play only with geometry, ramp, noise nodes. If I import couple of 4k textures it becomes just unusable. https://youtu.be/SsB0NmBLIsU System 1950x AMD 4x1080ti r21 latest drivers latest early cycles4d (also tried build 509) tried restarting pc/c4d, reinstalling c4d "continuous material update" tuned off.