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  1. Insydium support confirmed: it's a bug and will be sorted out. Thanks, guys! :)
  2. I also tried "Velocity Map Smoothing Iterations" in the Tag-Options of the mesher, up to 50 iterations. That didn't help either 😕
  3. Hi X-Particlers! I have a FluidFX-Sim with a OpenVDB-Mesh and a ton of Foam-Particles. I render these with C4D r23 and Redshift 3.0.33. The OpenVDB-Mesher transfers Velocity-information into tags, and a Redshift-Object-Tag reads those to apply Motion Blur. Without cache, everything works as expected and looks really good. But as soon as I cache the XP System, the motion blur of the mesh is strangely warped and looks totally incorrect. The motion blur of the foam-particles is still correct, though. What I tried so far: - Increase substeps of the FluidFX-Solver - Increase substeps of the X-Particles Project Settings - Try different max-velocitiy-values in the OpenVDB-Tag-Transfer-Settings - Try different settings of Redshift Motion blur. Nothing helps :( Of course I could continue without a cached mesh, but I need to move on to a project of much bigger scale, where I definitely need to cache everything. Any ideas?