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  1. Hi Just updated to the new Version and opened a current project i am working on. Now i saw that in the mapping node the min/max option ist not there anymore. That means in my scene my "stitches" on the "strap" are repeated infinite. (Pic 2) I only would like to have one row of "stitches" (Pic 1) Does anyone know a different way to controll that? or a different "easy" Workflow? I used Material stacking with flat-projection of the "stitch" in the c4d Material Texture-Tag. Thanks Mark
  2. I'm also interested in that. That would be very nice if the render queue would work with Cycles4D. Besides that, i would love to have the Texture-Manager working correctly.
  3. Hi Is there a way to assign the shortcut "Alt-RMB" to the navigation in the node-editor for zoom (scale), that it is equal to the c4d navigation? thanks
  4. Wow...thats fast 🙂 Its C4D V 20.057 (Studio) on Windows 10. Thank you! Planar Mapping.c4d
  5. Hi everybody I have a object with a planar-mapped texture (scaled down a bit) that looks ok in Cycles 4D 247. When i open that scene in Cycles EA B294, the texture gets stretched onto the entire object. Now i figured out, when i uncheck the tile-box in c4d textures attributes, everithing looks fine again. Ist this how it works in B294? Thanks a lot