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  1. Hey nuecodesigner, you actually want very big project like a boss. I made a draft for you for a little time. I hope that it gives you a idea in real time preview. You can convert it alembic for render. Cheers XPShatter-04_XPExplosia Test_2.c4d
  2. Just a good question from what I know. If there is any other question, you can ask without hesitation . I try to help at the level of my knowledge. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cecciuyaatextw5/MeltFX_Problem_v001.c4d?dl=0
  3. Hi, I have changed some parameters. First your particle radius is too small for collide perfectly. Second the leaf orientation is not enough flat for falling realistically. Finally I changed rotation mode as tangential. That's it. particles orientation_v1.c4d
  4. Hi, For transferring vertex color, you need generate vertex color and make the xpskinner editable. Or you can use xpOVDBMesher to produce your effects.
  5. Hello kengora , There is xpRotator for this effect. Instead of xpturbulance, you can avail xpRotator.
  6. Hello Steve999, If you use cyInstance and group together I think you can solve this problem. I hope it is working for you... Molecule1_for Insydium_Groups_working_v1.c4d
  7. Deniz

    Issue in the collision between different cloths

    Hi MarioD, If you add mesh deformer to your plane and add your sample plane, you dont need extra point maybe.
  8. Deniz

    Emit particles from vertex map

    Emit particles from vertex map_v2.c4d
  9. Deniz

    Emit particles from vertex map

    Hi ThowThow You can emit particles from both xpvertex map and standard vertex map while object moving. I attached two sample for you. Emit particles from vertex map.c4d
  10. Deniz

    Issue in the collision between different cloths

    Hi, You can change cloth tag parameter for more rigid cloth and also change particle radius to close each other. cloth collision.c4d
  11. Hello I think you should use Particle Age Question and XpCover Modifier Action to solve your problem before particles start. XpCover and Unstick.c4d