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  1. Hi BennyKops Firstly I want to say that your explanation and research is great. I think you know more than me about cycles. But I recognize that sometime some fine-tune is easy than thinking complex. I deal with your issue with some fin- tune on mapping node and timeline. TexturePositionTest_with_finetune.c4d
  2. I have same issue. The problem has not been fixed yet.
  3. @bentraje Do you push the record button when you modify takes? If you not encounter the problem other render engine , maybe it is related with your gpu driver. Takes_Cycles.c4d
  4. I'm using take system without problem. It works well. But I encounter the same problem one time in the complex old project. Maybe migrate to file to new project, it solve the problem.
  5. Maybe it is result of fuel actual mass. Because fuel is more weighty than smoke and fire. When fuel parameter is high, particles always go down because of this reason.
  6. Hi Select cherry flower and bake as Alembic so that it eases particles.
  7. I dont know why you are crossing this behavior. But you can make this different way. You can use source explosia source tag or set advection.
  8. Deniz

    Solo Mode in IPR/RT preview?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible. You can use the object tag to hidden objects.
  9. This is incredible. I searched this everywhere.
  10. Hello, I'm try to change fragmenter object color with plain effector. It looks simple but I cant 😞.. I've changed the object color with attribute node. But I cant add plain effector to attribute node for fragmenter object. Also I try to use xp color modifier but this does not change object color. It is not logical. I wrote this problem to Discord channel but I've not received right answer. Could anybody help me, please? Thanks.
  11. @bentraje Why dont you add xplosiaCollider tag to another object? I think xplosiaCollider tag is for collide with other objects. http://docs.x-particles.net/html/efxcollidertag.php c4d090_xplosia_same_source_collider_tag.c4d
  12. I see the render as the screenshot. Maybe your version is not suitable for the render or there is a hardware problem.
  13. Hi, If you convert the rig to Alembic object, your problem will be solved. c4d090_xplosia_same_source_collider.c4d
  14. Deniz

    Ease of xpHistory?

    You may try to scale modifier falloff or plain effector (it may be limited as condition, but it works in my condition)