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  1. @Mike Batchelor thanks for help. I played strange attractors for a while and finally I got this. I used lorenz attractorand there are a lot of video on youtube about this mathmatic butterfly pattern .
  2. hi, I want to recreate this beautiful splines effect which is in the showreel of X-particles. However I tried many ways, strange attractor, newton gravity, flow field, nothing works. I don't know if the splines were created by particle trails or just cloner ways. I tried everything but couldn't find a way to make it. hope someone can give me some tips, thanks.
  3. I found the reason. I forgot to cache particle, my fault. sorry.
  4. Hi, I got a very strange problem today. the particle position is correct in RT preview. but it's wrong in render. why ? RT preview render
  5. @Mohamed Sakr thanks for reply, it works
  6. it seems density node effect is not shown in the render . however in Rt preview when I solo the node , it would show the correct result. quite strange.
  7. mayasam

    1080ti VS 2080ti

    @Martin thanks for reply, I have downloaded the EA 294, now I'm testing it.
  8. mayasam

    1080ti VS 2080ti

    thanks for reply. I checked my cycles version, it's build(274). Is that mean 2080ti is not supported until next version? so it's not a good time to upgrade. and what time is the 294 released?
  9. mayasam

    1080ti VS 2080ti

    I'm planning to upgrade my gpu to 2080ti. however, I still have some questions: 1 Is the 2080ti was fully supported by Cycles 4d? 2 How much performance improvement it will bring comparing with 1080TI ? 3 If I have two 2080Ti installed, will it improve the real time preview, or it will only speed the offline rendering ?