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    Xparticles and Prorender ?

    AS far as I remember I could use Cycles on my AMD Card, just running on the CPU. When I switched to a Nvidia 2080 , I just got a performace boost of rendering about 3 times as fast ....
  2. Lothar


    go to Cinema preferences -> Xparticles and check "show early access updates" (there is a reason why it is not checked in my screenshot, you should do it if you want to use EA versions)
  3. Lothar

    Limit turbulence effect

    what you can do is use a vertexmap to limit the advection. Vm maker is able to generate vertexmaps according to explosia parameters. I have choosen temperature here and lowered max value to 0.3 within vm maker to get a nice filling. This vertexmap is now a falloff for change group modifier that changes emission group to new group which is set to be advected. This way only particles that are within the influence of explosia change group and get advected ... limited advection.c4d
  4. ok - a lot of things to correct. First thing to know, you can´t change a group from one emitter to another, only groups within one emitter. This is why the new meta group has been introduced as this guy can take groups from different emitters. So let´s delete emitter advect and give emitter normal the second group, emitter advect. . You want to start with group emitter normal, so set group mode to use first group only. Another thing that will not work - don´t stick particles to source object , this will be stronger than any advection. You could do if necessary (e.g. if you would go for an animated text) but then have to unstick action same moment you change group with is possible of course, but not necessary here, just set speed for both groups to be 0. Don´t know why, but explosia has been broken in your file, so I had to add a new one. But saw you did not set group advected to be advected in your version. If you want particles to keep the colour received when entering new group, you´ll have to turn down colour to 0% within advection tab... Edit, just another note , your material on the explosia doesn´t make sense to me. You want to advect particles, so you want to render these and not explosia simulation. So materials should go to emitter or groups instead ... advec_text_corrected.c4d
  5. Lothar

    Xparticles and sound experiment

    I can do that using expresso, however sound node only plays within editor and I don´t see a way to render this to a sound file yet. So I wonder if this is of any use unless you record the editor play with a hardware microphone 🙂
  6. Lothar

    How to get OpenVDBMesher to display mesh?

    if you want more detail - but it will take some performance - you can go the other way round. If particles are small, lower voxel size or raise point radius within OVDB mesher. You have to balance these 3 things against each other, particle radius, OVDB mesher point radius and OVDB voxel size to get quatity you like against speed and memory consumed 😉
  7. Lothar

    Particle Mass Not Working

    you have to tell gravity modifier that it shall use gravity. Go to gravity mod -> mapping and add new map , strength to mass. Then you can adjust the curve it the behaviour should be linear, exponential or whatever. massmapping.c4d
  8. Lothar

    Change Emission Direction (Default is Y+)

    nice idea, I know I can use flowfield with explosia, but didn´t expect such a strong impact that you can change direction completely .
  9. Lothar

    Change Emission Direction (Default is Y+)

    you are right, TFD can set a buoyancy direction . Perhaps you should write a feature request for that ?
  10. Lothar

    Change Emission Direction (Default is Y+)

    don´t see another way, as I said within the simulation, buoyancy which drives effect is always y ,but what´s the problem to put your stuff under a null and then bank that null that x gets to y so the simulation can affect the desired direction ?
  11. Lothar

    Change Emission Direction (Default is Y+)

    here´s a quick and dirty render just to show the effect. Bet you don´t see that guy is moving on y and not on x 🙂 Changed uploaded scene and made container and way for motion longer to get it more visible, but take care you dont´t move too fast .... emitting collider.mp4
  12. Lothar

    Change Emission Direction (Default is Y+)

    buoyancy is always working in y so you have to consider this and simply bank your camera 90 ° , you don´t need to hold it by hand 🙂 Very basic setup, but you can see the principle emitting collider2.c4d
  13. that is not what I said 🙂 I said make object collider and cover object with particles which act as a source, like this : emitting collider.c4d I reduced all buoyancy so you can see object is working as a collider and still emits fire and smoke ...
  14. Lothar

    X-Particles Range Limit?

    go to preferences, xparticles and uncheck kill particles outside limit which is set as a default ....
  15. Lothar

    render particle display

    if you check the manual you´ll see that arrow filled is supported only. Try to change display setting to this guy 😉
  16. one object to get collider and source tag does not work. What you can do is set the object as a collider and then cover the object with particles that act as a source to get the desired effect.
  17. Lothar

    Flowing Lava

    first thing - temperature is just a parameter named temperature and has nothing to do with real temperature in any respect. But you can use this of course in situations temperature gives a good imagination what should happen. What I would do - just map speed to temperature and use a falloff to cool things down. Can be any falloff so noise could be a good choice for you as well. The only problem I see is getting a stream that is thick enough so you can catch top particles for cool down only. I´ve made a simple flow in a channel to show the principle. top particles within falloff cool down - you can see that from the gradient colour that is set to represent temperature and as they get colder, speed mod slows them down till they come to a stop as set in the mapping. speedmapping.c4d
  18. I´ve changed several things. 1) check push within dynamics 2) go to project settings and use 2 substeps minium and some more iterations. 3) changed spheres to icosahedron , just for nicer collision. now you can control softness as desired by push amount and rigidity as desired. A little pressure won´t hurt. XpDynamics Collision Test Scene.c4d
  19. Lothar

    Falloff Linear Field

    some things to change : 1) within emitter -> groups mode has to be use first group only 2) linear falloff has to be set to -x instead of +x 3) if you don´t want to see a group, don´t use traffic lights but set display for group 1 to none edit - perhaps another hint , this scene works without that but if you only want specific groups to be rendered, don´t put the XP material to emitter but use it on that group you want to be rendered with that material. xp-changegroups_corrected.c4d
  20. Lothar

    Smoke Color From Particle Color

    even more crazy if you move that guy and add a copy as a collider 🙂 colour smoke3.mp4 colour smoke3.c4d
  21. Lothar

    Smoke Color From Particle Color

    @Leo Chen : did you play the animation to frame 145 or just set it to this value ? It is not cached, so you have to run it to the desired position to get the simulation data ...
  22. Lothar

    Smoke Color From Particle Color

    colour smoke2.mp4
  23. Lothar

    Smoke Color From Particle Color

    I´d use a principled volume node with some multiplication for density and emission strength . colour smoke2.c4d
  24. Lothar

    Smoke Color From Particle Color

    but there is no way to render this native Cinema, you´ll have to use Cycles or other 3rd party renderer, correct ? Xparticles gaseous material does not provide colour channel - or is there a way to convert this by expresso or python ?