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  1. Lothar

    Cloth Holes

    don´t really think so, that´s just experience and a long time testing such things 😉 I don´t think that may people use that expansion feature which is great to avoid penetrations as you don´t really see the gap inside in most cases.
  2. Lothar

    Cloth Holes

    what about collision 200, iterations 30 and some expansion for collision AluminumFoil_VT-LM.c4d
  3. have a look between the two videos you can find the scene for download ...
  4. My thoughts on this - abandon thinking in collisions. For the motion of the spheres I´d use flowfield using OVDB Mesher shape for tangential acceleration and even for the sphere/sphere collisions a fluidFX might be nicer, but constraints collisions work as well of course ovdb collision_fluid.mp4 ovdb collision.c4d ovdb collision.mp4
  5. Lothar

    Groups Affected (not working)

    Your problem is the dynamic setup for Generator. You are setting the group change for the wrong emitter. 😉 Original emitter needs one group only and is providing the darts geometry via generator. To get the influence of modifiers changed for that dynamic darts, dynamics tag needs another emitter. You have to do the group change within that one then and your modifiers get impact on the dynamic particles after entering the group change falloff... Dart_Bounds_LM.c4d
  6. Lothar

    Random Fall-Off Modifier Per Index?

    fine - if it is all or nothing should be no problem. Just do a random group change and this way you´ll get a distribution like this. This is a file I limited the period for decision from 10 to 50 frames by using stacked questions . So if older than 10 but less than 50 particles change group on a random basis which is equivalent to random indexed particles get full gravity and the others none. For different percentages that principle could be extended to more groups and several gravity modifiers ... random gravity.c4d
  7. Lothar

    Bridge for R21

    there is no need for bridge and EnhanceC4d . There is a R21 version available, just talk to Biomekk....
  8. Lothar

    Random Fall-Off Modifier Per Index?

    not sure what you are after, but you can try an additional mapping by index, I think
  9. no as there are two different systems. Natvie Cinema is bullet engine based and XP particle based. So if you want to manipulate particles you have to use XP dynamics as well ...
  10. Lothar

    Object buffer with xparticles

    don´t see why they should not work .... object channel.c4d
  11. Lothar

    xpDynamics simulation not rendering

    yes, I can confirm this behaviour and think there might be something wrong with caching for the time. I have given up caching for the time as it renders faster without cache than even build a cache in some scenes. Same with your scene - if you disable cache it will render as expected. Perhaps send this file as a bugreport with that description - renders fine without cache used but cached it will only render current frame forever ....
  12. Lothar

    xpShatter Question

    no, never seen that before
  13. Lothar

    xpShatter Question

    Some explanations. You are using gravity from start, so it needs a good portion of speed to get the sphere to the wall . You set this in the dynamic tag -> initial -> linear velocity This speed needed makes it impossible to get the secondary break based on speed as you only get slower shards but never faster from collision. But there is a solution. Make the secondary break based on volume and place this volume close to the surface to collide.... As shard colour is permanently changing during the stacked break, I switched it off and used colours for inner and outer faces instead. Some small adjustments in preferences settings as well. To get smaller particle radii for collision detection, I have chosen vertices and midpoint in dynamics and made it rigid body as well. sphere break 2.c4d
  14. just been about to show another solution that is similar to this now. No mapping needed - except you need a variation in max radius. Emit with radius = 0 and make scale up action controlled by question for age =0 and let it start at frame 0 this way to the desired size. Upon entering volume use your already set up question to switch modifiers - up off and down on. As easy. Edit - just forgot if you really need to kill them put a third question - stacked one - for radius and age ( radius < 0,1 AND age > 10 or something like this, big enough born particles are beyond that radius while growing) and use a direct action -> change life, kill particles. Maybe necessary in some cases Test2(1).c4d
  15. You are on the right track, scalemod with mapping is the way to do it. You have a spline curve to set the radius according to age , so just ramp up and ramp down. If you want to do this on random radii, you need a second mapping to a parameter not used. I have chosen temperature here. That mapping cares for random radii, temperature variation set in emitter -> extended data ->physical data radius up_down.c4d