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  1. Lothar

    Particle collisions

    you don´t need tags on the emitter/groups but two of the dynamic objects provide particle/particle collisions. here´s a setup for both pp collision.c4d
  2. ah - I see now what you missed - it is there in the video but just a glimpse of a second 🙂 He uses a nice trick there. Cinema does not know anything about native xp emitter as I said, but if you switch a xp emitter to be editable , points are generated and this is what Cinema can recognize of course. So you just have to switch your emitter to be editable and you can continue with the quick tip 😉 I use that mode for correcting things only but makes you work XP emitters within fields directly of course. wonder what is faster - generating points in edit mode or use xpfalloff ... a question only the coders can answer
  3. yes, Cinema does not know anything about a xparticles emitter. This way you can´t use the emitter directly as a falloff but have to go via a xparticlesfalloff field like this. Field Emitter Displacement Test.c4d
  4. your scene kills my Cinema - don´t know why , maybe octane stuff I don´t have, so I can´t have a look what you are doing. But if you want to follow displacement you´ll have to stick particles to object or use an inherit or cover setup ..
  5. Lothar

    Randomized spawn? SOLVED

    you like some different colours for the spawns ? - Here you go 🙂 I love mapping - it´s done mapping spawn modifier... random spawn3.c4d
  6. Lothar

    Randomized spawn? SOLVED

    and here´s another solution, maybe not as precise. Use a sub-question -> random probability. When particles are older than 25 frames they spawn with a random probability of 10 here random spawn2.c4d
  7. Lothar

    Randomized spawn? SOLVED

    That´s what question for age mode -> fixed within range is made for. I set age to 38 range 12, that means if particles are aged between 26 and 50 frames they will spawn ... used a defined emission so you can see it clearly, a shot will work just the same of course. random spawn.c4d
  8. stick particles to object does work - but I think it is not what you want as you´ll get straight lines for the trails just as linear as the motion of the rectangle. From the turbulence involved, I guess you want those trails move just like hair. To do this , add a tendril modifier, make the rectangle to be the root object and set the desired tendril length . test_trail_tendrils.c4d
  9. Lothar

    Pulse spline not tapering emission

    you misunderstand that pulse spline settings I´m afraid. The curve reflects the number of particles born over time but not emitter shape. If you want tapered pulses, you´ll have to key emitter radius accordingly - makes sense same shape as pulse spline to make particles look evenly distributed within that tapered pulse shape (few particle output while diameter is small and more as it gets bigger) ... tappered emission.c4d
  10. Lothar

    Ignite a fuel trail

    Your thinking is correct. If you look at the emitter, groups tab, you´ll find 3 groups for the emitter and mode is first group only. The only confusing thing - I´m going to write a report right now - group particle paint has a blue colour while when painted it is yellow. Within paint, I have chosen the emitter and this first group for painting, just doesn´t match the colour and had to set particle age before painting. Now let´s take a look at infectio. As a colour mode, I set use groups and put in the other two groups from emitter (they have to belong to this emitter as it has the explosia source tag ! ) as groups to use for infection and incubation. As an incubation mode I set use "set from incubation rate" . This way incubating is progressing based on rate settings and this way incubation mod acts as a group change based on question/action would do. From seed object it is looking within set search radius if there is anything to be incubated and if there is, it puts it to group incubated as I named that group in emitter and put it to incubated group slot of the modifier. Infected follows accordingly and another group change to group infected is done (all by infectio mod, nothing you have to take care about). As this is the only group that has fuel ( remember I said all groups to extended mode so you can set physical data within groups) , it starts to burn now. .. Hope that helps to understand the principle .
  11. Lothar

    Ignite a fuel trail

    perhaps just another thing you might be interested in - If you set some custom data as a delay timer , you can do a burn out scenario. I put a question for group and as soon as burning group is acquired, I start a countdown for custom data and if custom data reaches 0 I kill infected particles. So it burns for a while and then it is going to extinguish .... You can set some variation in burning length by setting range for custom data within emitter burning line 2.c4d
  12. Lothar

    Ignite a fuel trail

    Works using your approach if you are using groups. Emitter gets 3 groups and an explosia source tag but no fuel. Use first group only and paint with that. Now setup your infectio to change groups. Next importand step, all groups have to be changed to extended mode. This way you can set fuel to the last , the infected one only and it will start to burn along your infection... burning line.c4d
  13. Lothar

    Shatter & Dynamics intersections

    yes with mograph and dynamics you can do that as you can use a mograph selection that is based on shards . With R20 and fields easy to do like this (if you know how to keep a moselection active once within falloff and then leaving falloff again. 🙂 But that´s a different solution and has limits as well. break up dynamics.c4d
  14. Lothar

    Shatter & Dynamics intersections

    I think what you want is not possible for the time as I don´t have access to all dynamic particles on a shard basis. Your scene is a bit heavy and would need more that 3 hours caching on my machine, so I have done a different setup for breaking showing the limits. What you can do to avoid shards drifting apart by activated push option which is necessary to avoid penetrations by collision evaluation is freeze particles of an emitter set to dynamics tag. Then along with your lifting gravity unfreeze particles - and that´s where the limit kicks in. I cannot unfreeze all particles of a shard at once but they get unfrozen by the falloff when gravity kicks in. Intentionally I left some shards untouched so you can see what is happening in the end: shards are partly unfrozen only and sway around the still frozen particles. Nothing I could avoid. To make this process visible, I added that physical mod that only takes care that particles affected get a new colour which will reflect in texturing then. For the dynamics tag uncheck update points to make shards rigid body rather than softbody which makes the sticky effect even worse. With this method you can do a proceeding break at least, but you should not try to have parts left untouched.... what´s your intention I can see from your scene. breakoff.c4d breakoff.mp4
  15. sticking to the mesh could be done by covering and if you use nearest vertex you can kind of paint your spline... draw spline.c4d