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  1. Lothar

    Spawn particles scale

    you can do so. Be sure to use groups for this. I set the emitter spawn every 25 frames. Scaling is limited to this emitter by its group. Within spawning mod -> inherit tag, radius (which is scaled ) is ticked. Now you get spawns from current radius size which are not scaled down as this is limited to the group of the originating emitter only 😉 spawn.c4d
  2. Lothar

    Delay Ignition of Particles?

    great, happy I could help 🙂
  3. I´m afraid you can´t use follow surface on such a curved surface. I have sent a bug report already as I found you can have curved surfaces in 2 dimensions, but the third will fail. But might be a limitation as well . Here´s what I found : You might think the middle system could do the job, but as soon as you twist more than 90° it will run into that edge flow problem as well. The only workaround for this is cloning a couple of targets onto your surface and use follow path instead ... follow surface problem.c4d follow path.c4d
  4. you should have added a scene, but I´ll try to explain with mine 😉 I´ve added a fluid fx just for some funny effect, it it not necessary, you can switch it off as well. So first thing to consider - if you use air as a media and a sphere which are default, don´t expect too much impact. Do you feel air acting against a motion of your hand ? Only if your hand´s speed is very very high 🙂 This way I have chosen cube as a reference and upped the force factor to 3000 % which gets a good noticeable loss of speed over time. You can see that from the particle colour gradient that is set to show speed. Asking for a speed below 50 makes gravity kick in after a while so you see it particles are really getting slower. As particles are falling down within the upstream, fluid sim will force the upstream down by collisions which leads to a funny effect. Falling fluid will win over upstream before it gets slow by drag till almost all particles slowed down by drag from first frames emission are down. Then the process starts again and you get kind of an impulse fluid emission ... drag.c4d
  5. Lothar


    1) fuel generating object is outside if simulation container 2) forces within simulation are too strong against flowfield. Set all buoancy to 0 here , try to raise them slowly to get a more smoke like motion, but with care so they don´t escape the path. xp-FlowField-test-20190613.c4d
  6. Lothar

    Why Won't This Render?

    just had to replace hdri for background and switch render from cpu to Gpu and everything renders fine for me. Just no idea why the hair render is on as there is an unused hair material as well, so I eliminated both before starting to render...
  7. Lothar

    Reduce amount of particles per Object

    yes, you can. Just use minimum 2 groups on the emitter used with cloth simulation. As cloth sim does not distribute particles as it normally would using an object, use first group only. Now put a question to that emitter and ask for particle ID ->odd or even numbers. As an action use group change to second group. Last thing to do is use xplife mod restricted to group 2 and kill particles . This will reduce the amount of particles, but I don´t see big advantage, as this will act for me as if you would use half of the resolution of the mesh . Be aware, points without particles will remain absolutely stiff and not blend between 2 simulated ones as you might suspect. First pic full sim second with reduced amout of particles ... Can´t send a file as you say you are on demo only, so I think to remember that files made with full version won´t load , but I hope you understand my explanation to try with your version.
  8. couldn´t resist to do an animated version 🙂 Some changes - added randomisation in distribution of leafs by adding another group to spawning emitter which keeps radius 0 and ratio between groups set by gradient. Scaling has a variation in end value between 3 and 4.5 now and slightly faster growth rate. And of course animation for all - a bit too much for the leafs but I just wanted to show it is possible as well. Dont know why the last files are so dark, in PV they look ok .... vines_sketchd.mp4
  9. Didn´t see you are on R19 first time but trying to do a spawning setup for you, I found some issues maybe with XP Early access version. Have to nail it down and send a bugreport maybe. But it is stable on my R20 version and R19 with release version 535 of xparticles. So if you get crashes upon playback, you might need to change xp version ... Here´s how it works. First thing we need is groups to sort out which modifiers act on what particles. Stem groups go to constraints, branch, attractor and follow surface. Now we can add an emitter for the leafs. Within xp branch mod you can enable spawning and add this emitter there. Set number of spawns and an interval which determines density of spawns on the branches. Now within sub branches just enable those generations you want to have spawns (leafs) on. I only skipped first one which might result in a bit too many leafs. Perhaps try last two only or increment interval. Then - though it might sound odd, disable spawning again within branch object. This prevents primary vein to get spawns and just greys out settings. So if you want to change, you have to enable it again to make basic changes and then disable it again. But the sub branches you activated spawns for will get their leafs now. Leaf emitter needs rotation to be activated and set to tangential. Your leaf object needs axis to be adjusted to beginning of stem before putting below generator. I´m emitting these spawns at very low radius and use a scale mod limited to the leaf group to grow them over time. Speed and variation can be set in that modifier. If you want some delay, you might start growth with an age question in that spawning emitter as well. vines_sketch2b.mp4 vines_sketch2b.c4d
  10. For me nothing to do with xp but octane. Rendered with physical render as I don´t have Octane. But I would suggest to go for spawning with the leaves and keep that xp as the bad flickering you´ll see in the anim can´t be fixed if you clone on to a changing number of faces as the growing veins are . Cloner decides every frame where to put the clones and as the faces change with each frame they´ll appear on a different one each frame what you really don´t want to have. vines_sketch.mp4
  11. there are few things in xparticles that don´t support groups, e,g. fluidfx. So it will be difficult to impossible to get some melting setup with this, but you can used fluidPBD instead and this has groups 🙂 Groups and data mapping are the most powerful tools in xparticles for me btw.
  12. I just did that speed mod thing here and lowered the flow field strength to get a more fluid like character when travelling along the spline. After frame 430 - 440 all particles emitted reach the logo now ... Controlled Fluids_exploxsia-flowfield_Logo_lm2.c4d
  13. ok, first basic mistake - how could you expect particles to fill your logo after frame 150 if you set lifetime within emitter to be 100 +/- 30 ? That means between frame 70 and 130 all particles are dead 🙂 Next - if you want to change influence, groups are your friend. So let the emitter have 2 groups and start with first one only. This is the group that is set to be advected as well. Now you just have to ask for age and at frame 150 do a group change - I changed display to circles so you can see when it happens. This second group you changed to is a limiter for turbulence and cover mod which will catch the particles when released from advection by leaving group 1 ... Last thing to consider - you stop emission at frame 150 and after 150 frames you do a group change. This means at frame 300 which is the last of your scene frames last particle changes group to head on to the logo - no chance to reach it. If you watch the colours, you´ll see some of the particles have no or almost no speed when getting to the new group, so the won´t reach the logo as well with the particle speed option. I´d either use a speed mod restricted to group 2 with an acceleration and max speed limit or set the cover to be completed with x frames +/-y which makes it easy to calculate scene length needed as a minimum if you want all particles to be on the logo at last frame... So you´ll have to adapt my scene to your needs, but youl should understand the way to go by now 😉 Controlled Fluids_exploxsia-flowfield_Logo_lm.c4d
  14. yes, works for me, but not easy to control as forces have a good deal of impact to the springs. Rigidity has to be low or 0, constraints should be used.
  15. Lothar

    Delay Ignition of Particles?

    just use a physical modifier to provide fuel needed. This way you can determine by question/action when ignition will take place. I have chosen age, but may be anything, distance travelled etc. Used another thing with that setup - a mapping fuel to time in modifier. As there is a constant growth of particles , it might make sense to limit burning ones. This takes care that they start to burn when criteria for getting fuel is reached, then after being specified time in the modifier burning, their fuel is cut off and they burn out while new ones reach criteria and start... delayed ignition.c4d