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  1. And here is a version with one emitter - so you can see how to set up the appropriate questions. Key is, you have to start first cover with a question - frame >0 to make everything action controlled (particle cover sphere question). But it´s more tricky 🙂 Problem - you want alignment to travel direction while flying and surface alignment upon landing. But there is an axis problem. Alignment to surface normal requires Z axis up - but that causes wrong orientation while travelling towards target if you choose tangential orientation within emitter which would be preferable. So you have to orientate butterfly´s z-axis up and set rotation for emitter to fixed value to get correct attitude while flying towards first target. Whenever you like you can release the butterflies from first target. I have choosen another question for age (cover sphere.1 question) this one terminates cover mod and same time activates a limited (by field/falloff) Attractor that pushes the butterflies away from the first target. but now they would travel orientated as alignment has been - not desirable. So there is a spin mod limited by field/falloff not to interfer with nex alignment procedure activated same time that orientates them back to travel direction and last another cover mod is activated to provide a new target to travel to ... butterfly2.c4d
  2. ok, Think best way is to spawn particles to a different emitter and restrict cover to the generating one . butterfly.c4d
  3. Here´s the file for the first method - direct collision. I gave up caching after an hour - rest time raising from 1 to more that 3 getting to 40 % but direct render seems to be fine, expect vid in about 1 1/2 hours or so ... particle vs explosia2.c4d
  4. particle vs explosia_nc.c4dBtw - depending on the look you are after - there is a much faster approach possible as well. Use particle based flow field instead of real collision ...
  5. put generator below a connect object and give the collider tag to the connect object. Raise pressure a lot to see impact.
  6. there seems to be a problem with cache, disable cache and it will render fine ...
  7. ok, not yet perfect but hopefully gets you a starting point. Here is how it works. 1) fill your plane with your foam particles - used a texture fill to get a nice bottom to top filling. 2) upon sticking, I´m spawning into another emitter - some distance required to avoid conflict with collision tag. This way I have particles at 0 speed (as set) and unstuck on covered object. 3) Now I can use a third emitter to swap away the spawned particles by using a flowfield based on this particles. Take care to exclude flowfield from this generating emitter ! it needs particles into the forcefield from the very beginning, so I just emit and restrict life to 1 frame from beginning to a point when swap away should start. Then it is set to a sufficient age by question for current time. You can key that as well. Same reason I make the vdb mesher invisible till needed. Everything is separated by groups to keep tight control ... fill and swap away.c4d Edit : if you just want to kill them and not float way, just put a question for speed to the Emitter on object and kill them reaching a specified speed. Low values like 10 will kill them almost at once and something like 150 will start them flow away and then vanish reaching this speed. You can balance that at your liking of course.
  8. Lothar

    XP Branding with smoke and fire

    yes, you could use FLuid FX as well if you want. The only way changing emitters is spawning. So setup will be as follows: 1) make a point emission with an emitter and put fluidFX to it´s modifiers ->exclude list. 2) use a spawning modifier to spawn particles to another emitter which will be affected by fliudFX. 3) now you can map spawning modifier to a vertex map to control progress of spawning. used a simple growth of vertexmap with fields here just to show the principle, but any method can be used. As soon as a vertex point value gets 1 in the map, the particle born on this point will spawn and die ... change to fluid.c4d
  9. Lothar

    FluidFX is not filling my glass

    a little trick I use for filling effects - use a scale modifier and map that over age to get a hight output rate - changed emitter output to hexagonal - use a small birth size and scale that over age to get a quick filling. You even get overflow here within 100 - 110 frames ... test fluidfx.c4d
  10. Lothar

    Cloth Holes

    don´t really think so, that´s just experience and a long time testing such things 😉 I don´t think that may people use that expansion feature which is great to avoid penetrations as you don´t really see the gap inside in most cases.
  11. Lothar

    Cloth Holes

    what about collision 200, iterations 30 and some expansion for collision AluminumFoil_VT-LM.c4d
  12. have a look between the two videos you can find the scene for download ...
  13. My thoughts on this - abandon thinking in collisions. For the motion of the spheres I´d use flowfield using OVDB Mesher shape for tangential acceleration and even for the sphere/sphere collisions a fluidFX might be nicer, but constraints collisions work as well of course ovdb collision_fluid.mp4 ovdb collision.c4d ovdb collision.mp4