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  1. Yes that´s a point I could not solve yet as well - that jerking of the splines . Tried to eliminate all bounciness, made radius small so there will be no self collision for the spline points but though getting better, did not help enough so I´m getting to think it might be a matter of calculation precision. But perhaps still too much energy in, so low gravity/mass could solve that even better but there is no deformation of the splines in the end I´m afraid.
  2. Lothar

    xpDynamics simulation not rendering

    the very old Cinema problem 🙂 If it is a comfort - I have been running into this as well some weeks ago, so I´ll remember now for a while I think. You simply have to uncheck render perfect for the sphere - that´s what is stopping it from being rendered with dynamics tag....
  3. just see - another thing you can do is try to balance mass of sphere and spline some more points for the spline here and less mass for sphere and more for spline ... c4d154_xparticles_spline_and_rigid_bodydynamics2.c4d
  4. some more points for the sphere to get denser particles for collision calculating help a lot - switched it to vert and mid within dynamics tag for this reason as well . Some viscosity for damping spline is another option . Take some energy out by lowering gravity and/or adding some drag modifier could help as well, but didn´t do this here yet. c4d154_xparticles_spline_and_rigid_bodydynamics.c4d
  5. Lothar

    Soft Body Dynamics Issues

    I would go for dynamics object for this. Had to lower preference settings to get a more soft look but guess that could be what you want. XP_soft_body_demo.c4d
  6. Lothar

    Proper Spline Dynamics ?

    the file has nothing to do with your spline dynamics problem. To make this work properly set rigidity within dynamics tag very low or 0 and activate constraints. It needs more iterations and substeps with preferences->xparticles to adjust rigidity spline dynamics.c4d
  7. looks like passed - it is working 🙂 I have left in the generator change as well but not sure if this has been intended to be in, maybe an attempt by cbowyer to solve his problem, but did not of course. But could be meant as an optical signal for that emission and shape forming as well. It just does not contribute to the "spawn and spawns follow origin and form shape" problem at all - just to make clear. 😉
  8. I filed a bugreport to check this up 🙂 wonder if it is R21 relevant or only bug. Did not happen ever before to me and in a comparison, cinema native setup unwired ports keep their values, but might be a R21 API/SDK issue as well... Nevertheless I think I should remember this and never keep open ports with values that are not default ones ...
  9. Btw - as you are talking about objects to be formed, you can as well align those objects along travelling path . To do so, go to primary emitter -> extended data -> general data, check use rotation and set rotation mode to tangential, persist orientation. Now within expresso pull out rotation from get data node and wire that to global rotation of null. Aligned 🙂 XP multicolour particles_0001forming objects_algned.c4d
  10. Emitter-> Display -> HUD tab -> show particle ID Just be careful if you have many particles in the scene. It is quite heavy for the viewport them. If you need to know ID of a specified particle zoom in to it before activating HUD display. And attention - it is ID that is displayed, not index. As long as no particles are killed since emission , Index is just ID -1 If some particles died there is a reindexing process and you can´t say what is index from ID any more as ID never changes, but index does. This way it is wise if you want to access particles by index, take care that they live to end of scene and if you need them to vanish do a group change rather than killing...
  11. Lothar

    Particle color bug

    not sure if that helps ans I can only judge it from screen as I don´t have Arnold, but copy the gradient colour from emitter, set cellauto -> colour & scale colour mode to gemeration and paste the gradient there....
  12. yes, but don´t forget to add all the constant nodes first within the expesso tags. Only the file in the last post of mine has set them as a sample. All open index entries have been resetted to 0 by saving the files I had to learn .... so they have to be fixed by wiring to constant nodes giving the correct values from 0 to 5 within the apropriate expresso tags ...
  13. Lothar

    Particles will not stop vibrating in fluid sim

    viscosity of 100% in the FluidPBD seem not to be what it likes 🙂 I reduced it to 50% but on the other hand raised viscosity in emitter -> extended data ->fluid Data a lot and a bit more surface tension Another thing to tune - pumped up iterations in Projetsettings - xparticles to 25 think now you are getting closer ... PasteTest.c4d
  14. Lothar

    "Soft/Delay" Flocking?

    not quite sure if is is what you want, but another approach would be use an attractor and particle forces.. One important hint - you have very fast , erratic movements for you target, so it is a must to raise iterations/substeps in xparticle project settings. c4d148_dynamics_flock_c4d_xp.c4d
  15. zefixsacklzementhallelujaglupvareckts just noticed that it seems to be a new R21 feature that non wired expresso ports are being resetted upon saving or loading. So all the files before won´t work properly unless you add a constant node to all expresso nodes that sets the particle index correctly like this : XP multicolour particles_0001forming objects.c4d