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  1. Steve Pedler

    Particles "Snap" When It Gets Near xpCover?

    NB = 'nota bene' = note well (Latin) 🙂 We don't have any rule about uploads but I personally would prefer you didn't use dropbox. But as I say, it's a not a rule and others may disagree. I'll leave it to you.
  2. Steve Pedler

    xpDynamics another problem...WHY????

    I'm sorry but I can't reproduce the problem here. We're all extremely busy ATM and coronavirus is not helping. We'll look at this again when time permits but for now there isn't any more I can say. In the meantime if you want to report it as a bug to ensure that it isn't forgotten, please do.
  3. Steve Pedler

    Particles "Snap" When It Gets Near xpCover?

    Reduce the Tolerance setting in the cover mod, that's what it's for (see the manual page). In this case about 2.5 units seems about right. NB please don't upload files to dropbox, you should be able to upload them directly here.
  4. Not directly using a cover mod, you can only have one mode working at a time. But you can do it with groups, see the attached file - should be self-explanatory. c4d240_xpCover_operation_all_poly_nearest_surface_fixed.c4d
  5. Steve Pedler


    Thank you for the kind remarks. You have no idea how much that's appreciated. We aren't some faceless corporate, just a bunch of folks trying to do their best under pretty difficult circumstances - which is true for everyone, of course. All good wishes, Steve
  6. Steve Pedler

    xpDynamics another problem...WHY????

    Your scene files don't demonstrate what you show in the video you originally posted, in fact I'm not sure what they are intended to show. We need a simple file which shows the same issue that you identified. Please remove _everything_ not required to show the problem, that is, all unneeded objects, camera animation, etc. and just the moving spheres.
  7. Steve Pedler

    xpDynamics another problem...WHY????

    Perhaps it would help if you supplied a scene file for us to look at...?
  8. There's no specific switch for this but you can double-click the title bar to collapse the node. Or, better IMO, in the Basic tab of the material itself there's a switch 'Hide UI' which just leaves the ports visible. You can still access all of the UI in the attribute manager or just uncheck the switch to reveal the UI again in the node editor.
  9. Steve Pedler

    xpSpeed does not affect the spawn emitter

    I can't reproduce that here, it works fine for me. It would need a scene file to check.
  10. Unfortunately I can't see any way to do it with Cycles 4D but I'll ask around and see if anyone else can come up with something.
  11. Having looked at it again, I don't think you can do this with Xpresso after all. But I have found a possible alternative. It doesn't change materials but it does change shaders depending on speed. You can use a multishader with as many shaders as required, then set the particle colour to be a greyscale value which is a parameter-dependent gradient. That's the best I can come up with. See the attached file for an example. material_by_speed.c4d
  12. If you do it that way, from recollection the index is always 0, so what you will always get is the speed for the particle with index 0. Try adding an XP iterator node - you need to connect the xpEmitter node Object output to the Emitter input of the iterator node then connect the Index output of the iterator node into the Index input of the get particle data node. The manual has a screenshot of using the iterator node you could refer to. This will iterate through all the particles and pass their speed to wherever you need it.
  13. Steve Pedler

    How to use shaders with X-Particles?

    It's not clear to me what you're trying to do. Please supply a scene file to look at.
  14. This is a known bug which we're in the process of fixing. Sorry about the inconvenience. We'll have it working again as soon as possible. Steve