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  1. Steve Pedler

    Maintenance Purchase

    You’ll need to contact our sales team directly, we can’t discuss this in an open forum. Steve
  2. A small number of users of the latest (March 2019) Early Access build of X-Particles in Cinema 4D R20 have experienced freezes and crashes when using Explosia FX. We're sorry about this and have corrected the fault. If you encounter this issue please re-download and re-install X-Particles from your personal download link. This should resolve the issue. If you don't experience the problem there is no need to re-download X-Particles as there is no change in functionality. Thank you, The Insydium Team
  3. Steve Pedler

    Download link for demo doesn't work

    We have tried this at our end and everything is working correctly. We would suggest you register again with either the same or a different email address and you’ll be sent another link. Try that and see what happens Steve
  4. Steve Pedler

    xpVertexMap with noise texture

    Yes, you can do that: But you do need a lot of vertices in the object to get that kind of resolution. The other thing is that this is what you see in the viewport. On render the noise will look quite different. To get round that, in the noise shader change the Space to UV (2D) and then it will look the same as the viewport when rendered.
  5. Turn up the axis limit on Z to 100%, that will prevent all movement on the Z axis. Steve
  6. Steve Pedler

    Particle Velocity

    I'm assuming you are using particles stuck to the object they are emitted from, is that correct? If so, the fact that it worked at all in XP3.5 was the result of an error in the emitter. Once that was fixed, this method no longer worked. Instead, we have the 'world speed' in XP4, which is the speed particles have when stuck to an object. You can test for this in the question object, for example. I don't know what you wanted to do with the calculated speed, but hopefully the world speed will do it for you. If not - if something still does not work - report back here and we'll take a look at at it. You can find the world speed documented in the manual in the emitter extended data tab page. Steve
  7. Steve Pedler

    Pulse emission not working as expected.

    Thanks, we'll look at this and hopefully fix it as soon as we can. Steve
  8. Steve Pedler

    Pulse emission not working as expected.

    Thanks. Did you post a bug report? I haven't seen it on our bug tracker database yet. Steve
  9. Steve Pedler

    Pulse emission not working as expected.

    Having looked at this, the problem seems to be due to tiny floating point errors in the calculation of timings in the emitter. If that's the case there isn't much we can do because it's inherent in the floating point unit of the CPU, but we're still looking at it. As a workaround, if you get this problem try increasing the subframe steps (project settings, X-Particles tab). Setting this to 2 or 3 seems to fix it in all the examples I've tried. Steve
  10. Steve Pedler

    Pulse emission not working as expected.

    That's a bug, please post a bug report using the bug reporter in XP. Thanks. Steve
  11. Steve Pedler

    OpenVDB Mesher not working

    I see you've already submitted a bug report but raise a support ticket as well through our website and they'll help you get it sorted. Steve
  12. Steve Pedler

    OpenVDB Mesher not working

    See this FAQ on our website: https://insydium.ltd/support/faqs/?q=openvdb Try that and see if works correctly then. Steve
  13. Steve Pedler

    Manual or instructions

    You can download manuals from our website, go to Community->Cactus Dan Tools.
  14. Steve Pedler

    Vary Motion Modifier over Lifetime?

    This is what data mapping is for. If you don’t have that in your version of XP you will need to upgrade. With data mapping you can vary turbulence strength by the particle age, or by some other parameter such as speed or radius. You have data mapping if the modifiers have a ‘Mapping’ tab in the UI. Steve
  15. Steve Pedler

    emitter only spawn

    This happens because although the kill modifier kills the pink particles outside the box, they live long enough to spawn from, so you see the green ones appearing outside the kill box. The easiest way to deal with this is to give the spawn modifier a box falloff, so spawning will only take place inside the falloff zone. If you resize the falloff to match the size of the box of the kill modifier it will work as (I think) you intended. The emitter option you refer to is from a previous edition of XP, it was changed quite a long time ago to 'Emission Mode' with an option for 'Controlled Only' which is what it is set to when you want to spawn from an emitter but not emit independently. It looks as if the docs were never updated to reflect that - sorry about the confusion. Steve