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  1. Steve Pedler

    Stick Particles to a Clone

    Drop the cloner into a Connect object and emit from the Connect object instead of the Cloner.
  2. Steve Pedler

    STR not found after C4D restart

    Please get in touch with tech support through our website and they'll try to help.
  3. Steve Pedler

    Emit from animated boolean intersection

    I've tried this with a simple boolean setup and it works fine, so I think you'll have to provide a simple (please!) scene file to test.
  4. Steve Pedler

    XpOVDBMesher crashing on PC

    Please report a bug and include the file that works on amc but not PC.
  5. Steve Pedler

    STR not found after C4D restart

    Those missing strings show that it's having trouble finding resource files. You'll have to reinstall it - delete the existing installation and install it from start again.
  6. Steve Pedler

    Tendril Trouble

    You need to ensure each tendril mod works only on its 'own' emitter. So drag the xpTendril 2 into the xpEmitter Short modifier exclude list and xpTendril Short into the xpEmitter 2 exclude list. Then I think it does what you want.
  7. Steve Pedler

    C4D Light as Particle

    This does work, though it takes a little figuring out to see why at first it does not. The fix is very simple: in the generator's scale/offset/rotation tab, set the 'Scale Using' parameter to 'Source Object Scale' (or to 'Set Scale' and then set 'Object Scale' to 1). The problem arises because when the generator is using the particle radius to determine the object size, it first obtains the original object size and calculates the size of the generated object from that and the particle radius. That works fine for polygon objects, splines, etc - anything which has a size greater than zero - but the size of a light is zero, which causes the generated light's scale to be zero. That's why they don't show up in the editor.
  8. Steve Pedler

    Xp Scale not working as expected

    I've looked at this at some length because it seemed such an easy thing to do. But TBH I can't find a way to do it. It's easy to increase and then decrease particle radius with age - but then particles at the same age all have the same radius. It's easy to give the particles a different radius based on colour but then you can't alter the radius without making them all the same. So I'm afraid it seems that this will need some work on the scale modifier to allow this and I've added it to our development list for a future version. Unless someone else comes up with a way to achieve this. Steve
  9. Steve Pedler

    R21 bridge tool don't work

    You need the R21 bridge. Because MAXON changed the SDK again in R21 there are now two versions of the bridge. If you have X-Particles the R20 bridge is called X-Particles.xdl64 but for R21 it's X-Particles_21.xdl64. If you are using XP in R21 you must already have the R21 bridge, so just copy it into the CD Tools folder and the tools should show up in the Extensions menu in R21.
  10. The hidden polys command only hides them in the viewport, so if you render the viewport you'll see that the hidden polys are rendered (using the standard renderer). Same is true if you use the IRR. Since the Cycles RTP is in fact rendering the scene I don't think there's any way to not render those hidden polys. The only way I can see to do it with the standard renderer is to use a material with an alpha channel set to pure black and restricted to the selection (scene attached). Then they will be invisible on render. Maybe you can do the same with Cycles. norender_hiddenpolys.c4d
  11. Steve Pedler

    XP trail THICKNESS and COLOR tab doesn't work

    Not at all, the reason is that you have set the spline parameters for the trail to have adaptive intermediate points. The problem with this is that Cinema then adds an indeterminate number of additional points to the spline, but we can only create thickness/colour values for each of the points we create. So there's a mismatch between point counts and the thickness and colour can't be used. If you set your trail to have no intermediate points, it will work as expected.
  12. Steve Pedler

    Use Particles to Trigger Emmiters

    You can do this with a emitter set to Trigger mode (that's what it's for). I've created a very simple file which you can look at, also see the manual for the emitter's trigger mode. In this file I've used a question to execute an action which triggers the emitter, but you can use anything which generates an action to do it - a collision, for example, or you could use the trigger action modifier to do it if you need a falloff. trigger_test1.c4d
  13. Steve Pedler

    Emit on Specific Frames

    There's no simple way to do this in the emitter itself, but it can be done with a bit of Xpresso. In the emitter, set Emission to Trigger and turn off the Pull Trigger switch. All you need to do then is have a little bit of Xpresso turn that switch on when you want to emit particles. In the screenshot, the Compare node simply compares the current time to 1 second (frame 30 on my system) and pulls the trigger when that time arrives, so you get a single shot at that frame. The scene is just an emitter with an Xpresso tag on it. Your Xpresso would be a little more complex because you want to emit on more than one frame, but you get the idea. Hope that helps, Steve
  14. Steve Pedler

    Circle emitter even distribution

    Not possible when using a Circle emitter. Instead, emit from the points of a Circle spline and check the 'One Particle Per Source Element' switch in the emitter. Steve
  15. Steve Pedler

    R21 Performance?

    You may have had confrmation of this from support already, but for the beneft of others this is nothing to do with XP. You have around 18 Python generators in the scene, all of which have to execute at the start of the animation, and that's what is causing those long delays. Turn them all off and it runs as fast as you'd expect. Steve