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  1. Steve Pedler

    Camera Following a Particle

    The only way to do this ATM is with a bit of Xpresso. See the attached file, where the camera moves with the particle. That gives you a particle's-eye view if you make that the active camera. If what you want is a stationary camera which simply rotates to follow a particle, you can also do this with Xpresso but it's a bit trickier because you need to get the particle's position then do some (fairly simple) vector math to point the camera towards it. camera_follow_particle.c4d
  2. Steve Pedler

    Why is Topology>Curvature Greyed Out?

    Because it is not relevant if the 'Emit From' setting is the default polygon centre. Switch to polygon area and it will be available. Apologies, this should be in the manual, but isn't.
  3. Steve Pedler

    Problems with licences

    Hello Everyone, Just a quick reminder that we CANNOT deal with licence issues or problems in this forum. If you have a problem with your licence please contact the support team through our main website and they will help you. Thank you. The Management
  4. When rotation is set to tangential the particle will be rotated so that its Z axis points in the direction of travel, so if the direction changes the rotation will change to ensure that is always the case. That means that any generated object will also points its Z axis in the direction of travel. in the case of the pyramid the 'peak' by default is aligned along +Y, so if you want the peak to point along the direction of travel it must be aligned with +Z.
  5. Your Pyramid primitive object must be oriented along +Z. Currently it's the default +Y.
  6. Steve Pedler

    Looooooooong X-P saves

    No worries, glad to know it's working correctly now. Steve
  7. Steve Pedler

    Looooooooong X-P saves

    Unfortunately we can't reproduce this problem. The file saves and loads exactly as expected here. After some discussion we can't see how this can be due to XP in any way, so it's either a system issue or one with your installation of C4D. I'm sorry we can't be of more help but as I say, the problem just doesn't occur for us and we can't see how XP would do this. Have you tried removing XP from Cinema then loading the file (ignoring the missing plugin warnings you'll get) then saving it again under a different name?
  8. Steve Pedler

    Looooooooong X-P saves

    Are you referring to the basic scene file or are you caching the scene? The basic scene file won't take any longer than normal to save, XP doesn't save much extra data into the scene over and above the objects. So it's unlikely to be due to XP in that case. What is the scene file size in your case? If you are caching the scene this can take a considerable time, depending on scene complexity. The actual file save is not slow unless the files are gigabytes in size, but the caching process can be. If you cache internally then save the file, that can result in a very large single file, which would be slower to save, so we'd recommend using external caching unless the scene is a simple one with low particle counts. But as I say, absent caching file saving should be no slower than any other file.
  9. Steve Pedler

    A thank you to Insydium...

    You're very welcome, thank you for your thoughts! Steve
  10. Steve Pedler

    Cycles 4D Hotfix - Build 506

  11. Steve Pedler

    Thank you Insydium!

    You're very welcome, thank you!
  12. Steve Pedler

    Particles "Snap" When It Gets Near xpCover?

    NB = 'nota bene' = note well (Latin) 🙂 We don't have any rule about uploads but I personally would prefer you didn't use dropbox. But as I say, it's a not a rule and others may disagree. I'll leave it to you.
  13. Steve Pedler

    xpDynamics another problem...WHY????

    I'm sorry but I can't reproduce the problem here. We're all extremely busy ATM and coronavirus is not helping. We'll look at this again when time permits but for now there isn't any more I can say. In the meantime if you want to report it as a bug to ensure that it isn't forgotten, please do.
  14. Steve Pedler

    Particles "Snap" When It Gets Near xpCover?

    Reduce the Tolerance setting in the cover mod, that's what it's for (see the manual page). In this case about 2.5 units seems about right. NB please don't upload files to dropbox, you should be able to upload them directly here.
  15. Not directly using a cover mod, you can only have one mode working at a time. But you can do it with groups, see the attached file - should be self-explanatory. c4d240_xpCover_operation_all_poly_nearest_surface_fixed.c4d