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  1. Steve Pedler

    Emit from all objects in a group

    Simplest way is probably to drop your object hierarchy into an xpJoin object then emit from the xpJoin.
  2. Steve Pedler

    Flow Field Rendering Issue

    Almost certainly the reason this happens is that you are playing the scene to the desired frame then rendering that frame to the PV. You can't always do that. In many dynamic scenes what happens in one frame is dependent on what happened in previous frames. When you render to the PV, Cinema clones the existing scene which for static images is fine, but in some dynamic scenes means that all the preceding activity is lost and the render looks incorrect. Caching will fix this, that's a good solution, and the alternative is to render the frame sequence from the start up to and including the frame you actually want.
  3. Unfortunately we couldn't add that plugin. The reason was that it used an external FBX code library, and the one Dan used was very old and no longer available. We didn't have the time to update it to a modern FBX lib, which would have required a lot of work, so it was the only one (I think) that we couldn't build. Steve
  4. Steve Pedler

    Build 884 - XpScatter

    I must echo what Martin said, this is impossible to interpret without a file to work with. Please set one up which displays the behaviour either in Cycles or the standard C4D renderer, and explain what you think you should see and what you actually do see. Then we can check if there is a problem. It's not at all clear to me what it is you're trying to do and a file will help clarify that. Thank you.
  5. Steve Pedler

    xpExplosia Random seed?

    I have tried this and can't reproduce it I'm afraid. Please submit a bug report with the uncached scene file and we'll take a look.
  6. Steve Pedler

    C4D crashes with xp system and explosiaFX

    Please submit a formal bug report through the bug reporter in XP itself. We really can't do anything without that, a post in this forum is not sufficient as the relevant developers won't see it. Thank you.
  7. Steve Pedler

    XP Trails and Sweep Splines are jittery

    Your file won't work correctly because you added the trail object to the generator. So each frame the generator is generating the trail as well as the text and sweep, so the sweep gets confused about which trail to sweep along. It's probably better to use the text sprite and keyframe the thickness, see the attached scene. You should be able to get that to do what you want. textsprite1.c4d
  8. Steve Pedler

    XP Trails and Sweep Splines are jittery

  9. Steve Pedler

    Camera Following a Particle

    The only way to do this ATM is with a bit of Xpresso. See the attached file, where the camera moves with the particle. That gives you a particle's-eye view if you make that the active camera. If what you want is a stationary camera which simply rotates to follow a particle, you can also do this with Xpresso but it's a bit trickier because you need to get the particle's position then do some (fairly simple) vector math to point the camera towards it. camera_follow_particle.c4d
  10. Steve Pedler

    Why is Topology>Curvature Greyed Out?

    Because it is not relevant if the 'Emit From' setting is the default polygon centre. Switch to polygon area and it will be available. Apologies, this should be in the manual, but isn't.
  11. Steve Pedler

    Problems with licences

    Hello Everyone, Just a quick reminder that we CANNOT deal with licence issues or problems in this forum. If you have a problem with your licence please contact the support team through our main website and they will help you. Thank you. The Management
  12. When rotation is set to tangential the particle will be rotated so that its Z axis points in the direction of travel, so if the direction changes the rotation will change to ensure that is always the case. That means that any generated object will also points its Z axis in the direction of travel. in the case of the pyramid the 'peak' by default is aligned along +Y, so if you want the peak to point along the direction of travel it must be aligned with +Z.
  13. Your Pyramid primitive object must be oriented along +Z. Currently it's the default +Y.
  14. Steve Pedler

    Looooooooong X-P saves

    No worries, glad to know it's working correctly now. Steve
  15. Steve Pedler

    Looooooooong X-P saves

    Unfortunately we can't reproduce this problem. The file saves and loads exactly as expected here. After some discussion we can't see how this can be due to XP in any way, so it's either a system issue or one with your installation of C4D. I'm sorry we can't be of more help but as I say, the problem just doesn't occur for us and we can't see how XP would do this. Have you tried removing XP from Cinema then loading the file (ignoring the missing plugin warnings you'll get) then saving it again under a different name?