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  1. ilay

    R23 support

    Hello Steve Thank you. Will wait for Bridge
  2. Hello If will be possible to add support for R23. Old and good c++ plug-ins https://support.maxon.net/kb/faq.php?id=109
  3. ilay

    XP/Cycles4D at Linux CLR

    something like that or unit tests i test different ubuntu-based distros. Last one - lubuntu 18
  4. ilay

    XP/Cycles4D at Linux CLR

    Hello Have you try to build X-P / Cycles4D for Linux and run it?
  5. ilay


    Hello to all Team of Insydium, thank you for 90 days trial! Bless you and stay healthy
  6. ilay

    Bridge for R21

    Hello Nathan Thank you and team for updated Bridge!
  7. Hello Will be support for R21? I will rent R21 periodically
  8. ilay

    Bridge'em all!

    yes, i use multiple selection to deploy-copy Bridges to each folder. i found that if having several native (xdl64) plugins and bridge-based raise such duplicate definitions. If only bridge-based - are not.
  9. ilay


    I'm sorry. I forgot, i comment them i add file, remove pdf extension, you get normal zip archive, open and replace files in CD Tools\CD_IKTools1.5\res\description only for R20 description.zip.pdf
  10. ilay

    Bridge'em all!

    i'm learning C++ and I have question: I open C4D developer console and got such errors: Loading file:///E:/Maxon/C4DR20Demo/bridge/CD Tools/CD_SelectParent/c4d_bridge.xdl64 with module(s) com.insydium.bridge::1394405 Loading file:///E:/Maxon/C4DR20Demo/bridge/CD Tools/CD_SpringyKeys1.0/c4d_bridge.xdl64 with module(s) com.insydium.bridge::1394405 CRITICAL: Duplicate definition for com.insydium.bridge::1394405 [object_impl.cpp(4478)] Loading file:///E:/Maxon/C4DR20Demo/bridge/CD Tools/CD_AlignToCam/c4d_bridge.xdl64 with module(s) com.insydium.bridge::1394405 CRITICAL: Duplicate definition for com.insydium.bridge::1394405 [object_impl.cpp(4478)] Sometimes, console has not such errors. Or it's normal and live with it?
  11. ilay

    Bridge'em all!

    Maybe Keith contacted with Dev.Team?!
  12. ilay


    Hello to all Try to go deep, open CD Tools\CD_IKTools1.5\res\description\tCDLimbik.res and delete commented strings - // like: { SHOWGRID_H; SHOWGRID_V; MINSIZE_H 120; MINSIZE_V 80; EDIT_H; EDIT_V; X_MIN 0; X_MAX 1.00; Y_MIN 0; Y_MAX 1.00; X_STEPS 0.1; Y_STEPS 0.1; }
  13. ilay


    I have not such error, try update Bridge to 1.0.0149 Squash & Stretch spline GUI
  14. Hello Team! You're great! Big thanks!!!